Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A little holiday wrap-up :D

Well goodness! The last two weeks really slipped past me. With all the traveling and daily postings over at A Bit of Geek (plus leaving the camera at someone's house and waiting for it to return to me... oops), I simply didn't have the time or the material to check in over here!

It was a lovely holiday with a full week and a half up in Washington visiting friends and family. Andrew and I have never had to split a holiday before, so there was some confusion and anxiety on our parts xD But everything worked out splendidly!

Our first Christmas together!

Christmas went on as usual with a fun and festive afternoon at a tree farm and subsequent decorating. My family and I opened gifts on Christmas Eve, which was a first, and Andrew and I spent Christmas Day with his family.

The tree farm was on fantastically beautiful property.

It was strange, to be sure, but we're really lucky that our families live so close to one another. Hopping from one house to another was not a big deal whatsoever.

The holidays were fairly low key this year, considering the traveling, and the best part was truly spending time with my loved ones. That's really what the season is all about for me.

A completely candid shot of my lifelong 
friends (and me!) playing Catchphrase.

I came away from it all feeling refreshed, happy, and I managed to get some pictures, too (as you have seen)!

Hopefully all of your holidays and new years were wonderful. I'm feeling the photography itch once again, so I expect some nice images to be heading this way soon!


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