Monday, October 25, 2010

I have been slacking.

I really enjoyed blogging on a daily basis in Ireland. Not as much is happening here in Washington. Or perhaps, I have been pretty darn busy and I haven't spared a thought for my blog. It is true that I've been busy! Working working working. Either way, Owen said he needed to read my blog and I remembered that I hadn't posted anything in a while so I thought I'd make an update :)

And sadly, I have been slacking on my photography. I have submitted far too many cellphone photos in lieu of real pictures. I have a list of photo ideas and yet I feel uninspired. No, not uninspired. I have been lazy. Unmotivated? Either way, I just haven't been putting forth the effort. 

After about two and a half weeks I finally adjusted back to Pacific Standard Time. Even though that has happened, I am still sleeping poorly. If I wanted to make a project of it I could photograph how tired I look every morning, but I think that might get a little depressing :P

Last week I helped my mom make dinner! It was meatloaf and it involved me touching raw ground beef in a very serious way. I am very proud of myself. Tonight I was going to help her make a roast, but my Grandma made it first so my mom wouldn't have to cook on her birthday (happy birthday mom!). I think we're going to decide a different meaty dish for me to cook for more practice.

I have yet to attempt driving stick shift. It is high on my list though! My volunteer never got back to me regarding availability, so I may need to get more aggressive. I really want to learn. That would be a major accomplishment.

Tonight I realized that most likely I won't get around to painting my 40K army while I'm here. Thus far there has been so much else going on and I think I'd prefer to make a few blankets instead. I do love sewing! I have some sewing to do for my Halloween costume. I am really looking forward to taking pictures of my friends in their costumes. I may set up my large umbrella and try having a fun shoot, so long as my friends are in compliance! :D


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Anonymous said...

If only I still had my green Accord, I would help you out!

- John

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