Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Surreal dream come true.

I don't have a list of "things I believe will never happen", but if I did, "going to Disneyland with lifelong friends Chase and Blake" would definitely be on that list.

But, that's exactly what happened this weekend.

Not a great cellphone picture of our Space Mountain photo,
but there we are: Jacki, Blake, Chase and me.

A few months ago I was informed that Chase, Blake and Jacki would be making a trip to Disneyland with Chase and Blake's mom. I thought that was just lovely and looked forward to being in the park with them.

Our second Space Mountain photo <3

It wasn't until the four of us were on Thunder Mountain Railroad, slowly clicking up the incline before a fast drop down the mountain, that it occurred to me how truly wonderful and surreal it was that I was in Disneyland, with Chase, on Thunder Mountain.

Life is so funny sometimes.

::: Jacki and Andrew dragged me onto Tower of Terror. I'm not a fan.

::: Simply amazing photo of Blake, Jacki, their friend Justin and me on California Screamin'.

::: There was a minor issue with Jacki's pass when we got to the park, so as an apology we were given two of the super amazing fast passes. Score!

::: Jacki in a seriously windswept state, followed by her gleeful frozen yogurt smile.

::: The castle all pretty, lit up and snowy <3

::: Romantic embraces in front of the Christmas balls in Bug Land!

 ::: Jacki loves Beast, so she simply had to have a kissing photo in Beast's Library.

::: All of us on Jungle Cruise, courtesy of Andrew!

::: Blake and Chase trying to taste the honey. Uhh.

::: Jacki, Blake and Chase hopping in for a must-have photo in Disneyland.

::: Aaaand a lone romantic shot.

::: I stopped them to get a shot of the festive main street area.

::: Then I asked Chase to take one of Andrew and me!

We had quite the fun few days bouncing back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure. Andrew was able to join us one day, which was great, and I really feel that we had a well-rounded experience at both parks. 

Thank you universe for such an unexpected and wonderful weekend.


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