Monday, May 17, 2010


Cassidy asked me to take some product shots for her new etsy site Earthtastic!

I'm really excited for her new venture into creating products and selling them. They're all natural, chemical free and made 100% by her. She's doing a really great job and her products are just top notch. She has a real vision for the items she's making and I can't wait to see where she goes with it all. 

This weekend when I wasn't photographing Viking Fest I was shooting her products! She has a few listings up on her etsy shop now and is ready to ship wares to happy buyers! Here are some shots from the weekend.

Crocheted round face scrubbies.

A wrapped package of round face scrubbies, pack of four, choice of organic cotton or not organic.

A wrapped package of two chap stick tubes. The label reads, "Thank you for supporting a chemical-free lifestyle!"

A row of cinammon & brown sugar all natural dye-free chap stick.

A set of three crocheted wash cloths, one blue one white and one white/blue/brown. She also has organic cotton wash cloths available.

A hemp lotion bar. Some of her lotion bars contain emu oil, which has amazing healing/rejuvenation properties.

Please visit her etsy site for more information on her products and to purchase them yourself! She also makes hats and they will be on the website before too long.



watson_twenty5 said...


Cass said...

the pictures just look so great, moe. i go look at my listings just to see the pictures that you took for me. as one of my friends said, and i agree, you make my products look so real. i guess that's what it is about your photography. you bring out the realness. it's relatable and it has emotion.

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