Thursday, May 27, 2010

Photo dump.

I have two different photo shoot photos to share with the internet world!

The first is my fantastic cousin Kelly. He just graduated from Washington State University and he's getting ready to move to New York to pursue a career in music. He asked if I would take some portraits of him for his portfolio and I was glad to!

We got his basic headshot and then he wanted some more stylized type shots. It was fun and a great challenge. He has an amazingly beautiful voice, I wish I could have recorded the songs he sang while I photographed.

Here we have my friend Kaitlin! We grouped up this evening to take some photos to enter in a fashion photography contest for a store in Seattle. She's great with fashion and is a photographer herself. We had a great time and it felt so good to be out with a model looking for locations!

I did some practice with twisting/moving the camera with a slow shutter speed and a flash. I know it can be overdone and needs to be used carefully, but I think it can be very beneficial is used right! It's fun to at least practice so when the time comes I know what I'm doing :) The last photo here is the one I think we'll be submitting to the contest.



Cass said...

the shots of kelly are incredible, moe! and i agree, the last one of Kaitlin is a winner.

you accidently posted the same picture twice of kelly's guitar. thought i'd let you know!

MJ said...

Fixed! I have no idea how that happened XD

Thank you on all accounts!

watson_twenty5 said...

I also really like the 2nd to last one! I think it'd be one to consider as well.

MJ said...

I am also a big fan of the second one, but it's a little moodier than I think is would be right for the contest, plus even though I like the motion in the photo it may be too gimicky for the judges.

Andrew Jennings said...

Your lighting is always so crazy good, what kind of wizardry do you use?

MJ said...

I use knowledge wizardry! I have an SB-800 external flash unit :)

Karissa C. said...

Miranda, these are awesome!!! I love your studio shots of Kelly, especially the last one. The second to the last one of Kaitlin I really like; it has an eeriness to it that I like. Which did you choose for the contest though?

MJ said...

Thanks Karissa :D That means a lot coming from you!

I ended up going with the very last one of her in the grass.

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