Sunday, June 6, 2010

My first event coverage!

Apparently I'm a photographer :O :D (that statement is a bit of an inside joke)

Tonight in Olympia there was an animation showing called Eye Candy Animation Festival. There were animated shorts from students and professional alike playing in the Capital Theatre. My friend Hannah was supposed to take pictures of the event as a favor to the guy who was essentially co-hosting the event, Tommy Thompson, but she had fallen ill and asked if I would do it instead. I was a little nervous at first, I hadn't done any preparing to photograph an event! I asked her a lot of questions and then agreed to it.

At this point I've gone on a fair amount of event shoots with her and I already have the equipment necessary to do what she needed me to do. I just wanted to do well, take some nice shots and provide Tommy with photos that show what a great turnout the event had.

I'm going to go through the photos later, for now I'll just post the one picture that is serving as my 365 for June 5th. I have some photography stuff to share in general but I don't feel like typing anymore and also my brain is scattered right now!

This is a photo of the main character of Tommy Thompson's animation short entitled "High Strung".


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