Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have plans.

Big photo plans for Ireland.

I'll be working a lot but I plan on being out almost everyday. I want to get up early on my days off and explore, experience, meet people and take pictures!

So, with that in mind, I have a few projects that I will be executing.

1. Landscapes. This one is obvious. This also isn't original. From photos and movies that I've seen I think I'm in love with the Irish landscape though, so I will be photographing it like I mean it. Hopefully I'll come away with some unique takes on a cliched subject.

2. Doors. Another extremely unoriginal idea. Every idea has been taken though so I'm not put off in the least. The doors there are so varied and interesting. This will tie in nicely with my desire to walk around everyday. I'll be putting a lot of care into this as well. They'll be my property so I can do with them what I will. I don't have that option with someone else's photos of the doors.

3. Pub Portraits. This is the big one. My nervous, break-into-a-sweat, feel freaked out project. It's the one I want to do the most. Grizzled old men in the corners drinking pint after pint. I can't begin to imagine the character in their faces and the stories that they'll have. I have a careful plan in my mind on how best to go about this one. It'll be the most difficult and, ultimately, the most rewarding and original.

I'm so excited!

T-minus 17 days and counting!


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