Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's been a while.

So even though I have been taking a lot of photos recently, I feel a real lack of inspiration regarding blog posts! Nothing particularly exciting photography wise has been going on. I made a slideshow compiling my best photos from my senior year of college. I wish I could upload it here, but I need web space to host it at first. I don't have web space! I should purchase some. My senior portfolio is comprised of 169 images. They span from October 2009 to June 2010. Initially, as the end of the school year drew near, I didn't feel that I had accomplished all that much photography wise. Off the top of my head I wasn't able to recall too many photos that I felt particularly good about. Once I began putting my portfolio together I was surprised and pleased by the majority of my work.

It felt really good to go from feeling that I hadn't done much/gone far and then to so suddenly feel so much pride and happiness while looking at all of my work. It was difficult to choose my best because I had so many images I was attached to. Scrolling through them all I can remember when I took each one and I can see my progression over the last nine months. Accomplishments!

I think for the sake of having some photos to post I'll just pick a few of my favorites from this school year and accompany them with captions.

Elijah and Cassidy, Digital Photography assignment, October 2009.

Hourglass, 365 contribution, January 2010.

Lorena, "Stranger" Shoot, November 2009.

Ninja, self-portrait and 365 contribution, March 2010.

Jacki, downtown Olympia and 365 contribution, February 2010.

Christmas tree, 365 contribution, December 2009.

D20, 365 contribution, June 2010.

Alley way downtown Poulsbo, Digital Photography assignment, October 2009.

Merry-Go-Round, Viking Fest and 365 contribution, May 2010.

Danielle, "Stranger" Shoot, December 2009.

Mom, downtown Poulsbo, March 2010.

Kelly, studio shoot, May 2010.

Jacki, Masquerade and 365 contribution, December 2009.

Jacki, Masquerade, December 2009.

Mickey's Fun Wheel at California Adventures, March 2010.

Mask, December 2009.

Jenne, December 2009.

Jenne, December 2009.

Hannah dressed as Mario, Color Photography assignment, February 2010.

Olivia, 365 contribution, April 2010.

Xandre, studio shoot, December 2009.

Earthtastic! lip balm, May 2010.

SNES Zelda, Color Photography class, February 2010.

I hope that was enjoyable! It's just a small taste of all the work I've done this past nine months. I hope to have something more eventful to share in the near future. Less than a month before I'll be in Ireland. This blog will be exploding at that point!


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