Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I haven't been posting a lot but I'd like to be. I've been going along with my 365 project with no issues, I guess I feel that nothing particularly exciting has happened to warrant a blog update. I haven't been doing many big push ideas for my daily photos. In a way I'm taking a serious break before I embark on my epic adventure abroad. My senior year was so packed with photography projects, ideas and lessons. I learned an insane amount and was constantly applying new techniques and methods to expand my capabilities. It makes my head spin to think about how much was crammed into one year. And now, my brain needs to sleep. It will be excitedly reawakened after a much needed rest once I arrive in Ireland. My pointer finger and right eye ball are going to be exhausted!


The other day I picked up a copy of ShutterBug; this particular issue was a travel photography special. Seemed appropriate. It contained some moderately useful information, a lot of it I had already thought of though. Looks like my college learning has done me some good already! It did serve the excellent purpose of adding more proverbial fuel to my excitement flame. Detail shots! Details details. Carlos taught me that well.


I've thought about making a photography bucket list, but it seems like it would just be infinity long and that's not helpful. Here it is:


That's just for when I'm in Ireland! Here's a better rundown: my goals for Ireland and two weeks of traveling:

-Take at least one hundred photos everyday. This probably sounds like a lot, but really, it's not. Morning walk? Photos. Walk to bus stop? Photos. Bus ride? Photos. Lunch break? Photos. Walk around after work? Photos. Go out with hopefully-soon-to-make-friends? Photos! Weekends? PHOTOS!


-Make a blog post everyday. It doesn't have to be a huge blog, but this space will act as my journal for my trip. I want to remember and record as much as I can. If a day is particularly busy and I'm absolutely wiped out then I'll just do a bullet list of what happened that day.

-Post one or two photos on my blog everyday. I won't have time to go through all of my photos each day, especially not if I reach my goal, so I'll post one or two of my favorite shots and save the rest for when I return home.

-Bring a pad and pencil with me so I can write down information about what I'm taking a picture of. It'd be awesome if my D80 had GPS built in, but sadly it does not. I'm sure I'll visit locations that are obvious as to what they are, but for lesser known (to me) places, I want to record some information about them!


-Project Pub Portraits. This is pretty self-explanatory. Find pubs that I like, feel out the atmosphere, strike up conversations with grizzled old men, take portraits. DREAM PROJECT! I get so nervous every time I think about doing this.

-Galway Doors. I know this has been done a million times, but there are no new ideas and I don't see someone else having already taken the photo being a good enough reason to stop me from my own interpretation! Plus, I'll have all IP rights to the images so I can do a lot with post, woo!

-Landscapes. What a given, right? Perhaps I'll drag my lazy butt out of bed early on my days off and get some spectacular sunrises =3 I have a great rain coat now so I can't use that as an excuse. All I need is a simple plastic bag for my camera and I'm golden.

So there's my bucket list in its entirety (so far). I don't know yet if I'll be adding to it, it seems pretty full to me!


I leave for Ireland in a week.



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