Monday, July 5, 2010

This blog had better prepare itself.

I'll be in Ireland in just three days and that means daily posts and daily photos! I'm so excited. And nervous. Ack! I just want to be there already so I can stop dreading the airplane ride! Five hours to New York and then eight hours to Ireland. I'll be in New York for a few hours visiting the city and my cousin, I can't wait to take some pictures there! I have my fingers crossed that I'll sleep for the majority of both plane rides. EIGHT HOURS!

Until then, here are two photos.

Cassidy asked me to take a few more photos of her products today (a paid job!) for some more listings. This photo is of her entire chapstick flavor line, available in both regular and vegan. My goal for her photos is to draw the audiences attention amid the masses of photos and products. I try my hardest to create unique and fun pictures. Here's my favorite:

Now THAT is interesting! On a whim I tried backlighting before putting away my setup and I really liked the results. Interesting, different, eye-catching. I feel like I did a good job here. Apparently she gets a lot of comments on the photography on her etsy site, that makes me feel really good for both of us.


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