Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ireland Day 18 - Nature and an 85mm

Today was a day of relaxation and loafing. I slept until around 9, which is odd because I went to bed at 3:30 in the morning. Glad I didn't wake up at noon though! That would have prevented me from chatting with Andrew from about 10-1, which was totally awesome. I finally got in the shower because I was ripe and it was awful. The wedding all day and then party/club made me smell super special. Too much information? I apologize.

My Aero dessert cup. It looks nasty, but I assure you it was delicious.

Before my shower I inspected the bath tub (who doesn't?) and made a horrifying discovery: a centipede on my wash cloth. I beat it to hell with my shoe, but it was very resilient. Maybe the treading on my shoes was too wide, it was a pretty small centipede (but it was still a freaking centipede!), so even though it was half stuck to my shoe its upper half was still moving. BLAH. I scraped it into the trash and squished it through the paper. I proceeded to make another, very thorough, check of the bathroom. I don't need unexpected visitors. I have felt as though I have had bugs on me the whole rest of the day.

I hope no one is offended by feet.

My lunch today was two small frozen pizzas. I realized too late that they were cheese and bacon, not cheese and pepperoni. Bacon. I laughed as I put them in the oven. James, Ireland snuck bacon into my food for you, your job is done. They were surprisingly good! I may buy some more. I couldn't figure out the oven though. It was very foreign. First, you must turn on the power for the oven. Then, you must set the temperature (damn you celsius!), then you must decide exactly how you want the oven to cook your food. It's not just "bake" or "broil". It's options that I don't remember that are represented by symbols that have nothing to do with their meaning! And there were 8 or 10 of them. Is that necessary?

Reusable rose petals from the wedding. I guess they're mine now?

Thank goodness Steve was home. Although, he's only at his house on the weekends (he works up North) and he doesn't use the oven very often, so we had to get out the manual and figure out how to use it together. It was funny.

After lunch I put on Harry Potter again. Half-Blood Prince is a fantastic movie, I really can watch it over and over again. I laid down and pretty much cried through the whole thing, even parts that didn't warrant tears. Then I fell asleep. I woke up in time to see Dumbledore die and proceeded to soak my pillow with tears.

Bedroom door and the keys that I love.

I think it was around 6pm at this point and I had yet to leave the house. So, I grabbed my camera, 85mm lens in tow, and hit the cul de sac! While I was out there I didn't feel like I managed to get very much, but after viewing them on the computer I was pretty pleased. The sun decided to grace me with its presence and I had to take off my coat. I forgot what it was like to be warm outside! Once I was finished with my photographic extravaganza I went to Miriam's house to hangout with Catherine and Maisa. We had a nice time chatting and eating chips! Tortilla chips are so good.

1.4 gives me amazing control over focal points. It's magical.

I took a few more photos after returning home. I made pasta for dinner and it turns out the cheese I bought is not good at all. Disappointing. I muscled through it though. The pepper I used was ground too finely, and the salt had a weird texture. THINGS ARE WEIRD HERE! I don't think the cheese was even parmesan. I may have messed up somewhere.

A strange formation is here.

Either way. I ate it. Cassidy and mom are going to send me a care package. So far it will contain real parmesan cheese, ranch dressing, a phone card and starburst sour gummies. I did laundry today too. Everything is wet downstairs. I need to do laundry sooner so all of my jeans aren't wet simultaneously. I could have hung them outside, but I saw a huge spider and remembered when mom would hang our stuff I always found a damn bug in my pants, so no thank you.

Happy tree is happy! I can see where all of the myths and legends come from, all of the trees here look alive in ways that they shouldn't.

Today had a lot to do with music, it seems. I purchased a few songs on iTunes that Dave sent me youtube links of. I harassed him into showing me some new music and I quite liked most of it. I also bought Florence + The Machine. She's awesome. I made a playlist that I am also very proud of. I took a screenshot of it and sent it to Andrew to brag.

I'm sure you're curious, so there it is.

I am tired! I was skimpy on the updates today too, I'm sorry.

Really neat coasters that belong to Miriam. They come apart in two separate swirls.

3:33 pm: home: Loafing and resting today. Watching Half-Blood Prince again. The score is good. The song that plays for the opening scene that has Harry and Dumbledore makes me tear up, but what's new?

6:28 pm: in front of the house: I smell BBQ. I want a hot dog!

There are some very pretty fake flowers in Steve's TV room.

8:31 pm: house kitchen: I'm making pasta. You have to turn everything on before you can turn it on. There are switches that control the power to the oven and stovetop. If I want hot water for my laundry I have to turn on the immersion just like for a shower.



Melanie Rowe said...

Sounds like a day well spent. Mine has been pretty lazy as well, and much less productive than yours. I happen to like bacon on pizza, so I'm sure I would have loved yours! The picture of the happy tree is fun. I wonder why that happens there?

MJ said...

It was nice to relax and still get a few things done. Everything here really does look like a face though!

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