Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ireland Day 10 - Purchases, and nothing has happened yet.

So yesterday I made a short post and put it up late, then I added more today. I have a feeling that today's post will go similarly.

The bottom shirt says "Seasons of Ireland" and the sheep has an umbrella in every one :3

I have just a very short amount of time to post pictures and then we're off on the town again. A wind and rain storm is kicking up, so this should be interesting!

My new zip and merino wool scarf will keep me warm! The patch says "Irish Eyes Are Smiling" in English and I believe Irish as well.

Today I woke up and felt fine, just a little sleepy. Buzzed off to work and there were a few electrical problems, as in a main plug powering the sales computer was busted. Fun! I nabbed a power strip and daisy chained it to a working power strip and all was go. At the end of the day I turned off the switch that powered the working power strip, and when I tried to turn it on again it didn't work. Woo! So one half of the studio is without power, including two of the studio lights for shoots and the sales computer. Of course I was alone all day and Brad was at a wedding. Feast or famine! The rest of the day went smoothly though, did a few passports and processed a couple of photo orders. I'm in the swing and feeling dandy!

When in Rome, right?

I'd like to blog more, but I'm just so happy at the prospect of socializing again. After this weekend I'll be back to comprehensive blog postings. I work, come home, eat and then I'm off and out the door already. It's a whirlwind! I asked for it though, all posting about being lonely. Wish granted I suppose :) Tomorrow night we're all going to go and see Inception, whee! Can't wait for that.

My new, lovely, far-too-expensive dress! I'm sure it may not be to everyone's taste, but it certainly is to mine.

Jacki was online while I was closing up shop today, I miss you p2!!

New bracelet. I've really rounded off my Celtic jewelry collection.


10:45 am: photo one: It's going to be a day, I can tell: came into the studio and the viewing/ordering computer wouldn't turn on. Turns out somewhere along the nightmare of cords a surge protector stopped working. I have a temporary working setup now.

11:28 am: photo one: grrr. I have to remind myself that everything is a learning experience...

1:22 pm: photo one: This apple is mealy.

2:25 pm: walking: I understand the loud obnoxious American issue now. People here are very polite about conversations in public, American's... not so much.

2:51 pm: photo one: Haven't taken any photos today, lunch would have been a great opportunity. Things will be busy as soon as I leave. I wonder if I'll get any at all?

New shirt that I really like that I'm pretty sure I would never have bought back home.

5:13 pm: photo one: Hey customer, you were supposed to take the piece of paper with you!

6:08 pm: 33 bus: I thought I would take some photos out the bus window but it would appear that this window is far too scuffed and dirty. Poo.

6:16 pm: 33 bus: "Liosban Car Wash". Hm. Does that sound like "lesbian car wash" to anyone else?

6:41 pm: walking: Everyone here says "cheers" when leaving or saying goodbye or as a response to thank you. I'm beginning to feel compelled to say it.

9:44 pm: Owen's house: First drink of Jameson.

10:27 pm: Owen's house: A nice person named Geraldine just asked me where I was from, then said that she loved my accent and that it was so much different from everyone else's :) I always wondered if I had a good one!

3:01 am: Supermacs: Pizza at 3 am. I don't see how people do this sort of thing on a regular basis.



[Pseudonym] said...

Busy body!

Cass said...

it's so funny that you said "when in rome" in reference to your whisky because when mom and i were talking about your whisky i said the exact same thing. i love all of your purchases!

i love the little updates by time that you include in your blog. can i make a request? more culture differences? i like hearing those!

MJ said...

When I'm alone I feel sad, so keeping busy is best :)

I jot down whatever stands out to me, I'm compiling a list of cultural differences, words and phrases more specifically. I have a few anecdotes stored in my head though don't worry!

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