Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ireland Day 8 - Ho Hum


Today was my first "bad" day. While nothing technically bad happened (except for my necklace snagging two delicate strands of my new scarf and messing it up a bit >:o ), nothing really great happened either. It was lonely. It's not realistic to expect everyday to be perfect, and I'm still hoping for them to all be as close to as possible. It's difficult enough to make friends back home, I don't even know where to start in another country when I'll only be here two months. I've managed to get the hang of riding the bus, working and finding food both in town and at Miriam's. I am ready to socialize and walk the town with other people. It would appear that I'm already well and settled, the routine has been set and I can't believe it, but I think I'm bored. That's horrible. What is wrong here? I'm not bored of Ireland, no, Ireland is just as amazing and perfect as when I landed. I'm bored with what I'm doing, or not doing, I guess.

Mooooooo :)

I caught up on sleep again this morning (very generous of Brad to let me come in at 1!) and rolled into town on the 12:15 bus. By the time I arrived at Shop Street the sun was out! SHOCKING AND FANTASTIC! I was so happy, all grinnin' ear to ear and snapping away with my camera. For lunch I ate at the McDonald's too. It was really roomy in there. While eating I made sure to take careful analysis of the food and here's what I came up with: the fries are identical in taste, smell and look as they are in the States, the chicken for the McChicken seems more like the old school nuggets and the bun for the McChicken was exceedingly fluffy. Overall, a good meal. I have satisfied my curiosity and now I won't eat there again (most likely xD).

McChicken, Irish style! Which is the same as American.

It was difficult to go to Eyre Square Center and away from the sun, and fortunately the weather held up a tiny bit for when I was finished at 5:30 (no sun, but no rain or wind either). Work went well, I was kept fairly busy throughout my afternoon shift. Learning new things everyday! At one point I needed to drop some envelopes at the post office, so I put a "back at 3:50" sticker on the window, locked the door and away I went. I tried my best to remember where Catharine said it was, but I ended up in the wrong place. Popping into a shop and asking did the trick and suddenly there I was! The post office was pretty busy, but the line was moving at a decent pace. There were probably 6 or 7 windows open (the Poulsbo post office doesn't even have that many!). Every time a new window opened an electronic voice would say which window to go to for the next customer and it would say it in English then Irish, so that was exciting. I was sold lick postage though and that sucked. Bleah.

A window at St. Nicholas Cathedral.

After work I went and ate dinner at Riordan's. The food was really good, but again I felt so freaking lonely. Everyone else was there in large groups or romantic twosomes :\ I considered going to a pub for a drink or two, but I ended up with leftovers and that would have been obnoxious. Also, I could have seen myself sitting there alone for too long and with too many drinks. Hm.

St. Nicholas Cathedral.

I don't have much else to report, sadly. Not a great day, not a bad day. Just a day. I was planning on being out and about until evening fell since I don't work tomorrow, but I felt too sad by myself. Grr, I'm starting to sound a little "take pity on me" here, so that's no good, it was how I felt though. Here's to a better tomorrow with a better attitude and more of a "just do it" attitude. Maybe shopping will help me feel better.

Honest to goodness skull & crossbone on the wall of the St. Nicholas Cathedral.


12:14 pm: bus stop: It's a bit windy today. The sun is peaking out. I'm glad I remembered to wear my new scarf.

12:28 pm: 33 bus: Looking at all of the houses here, I want to watch Disco Pigs and Breakfast on Pluto. Too bad I didn't put them on my computer :(

12:37 pm: Shop Street: It is finally sunny! Time to go inside :\

Three mail slots.

2:13 pm: Photo One: I suppose boys will be boys no matter where I am in the world!

3:23 pm: Photo One: About to take some photos to the post office! I hope it's still nice outside.

3:51 pm: Photo One: I love having such easy access to Aero bars, especially the mint ones!

4:17 pm: Photo One: Man, who has a kazoo anymore?!

The Spanish Arch.

5:59 pm: Closed up shop all alone today!

6:29 pm: Riordan's: Trying out a place to eat on Shop Street that Brad recommended.

6:56 pm: Riordan's: This sandwich is huge, honestly I'm not sure how to eat it.

7:53 pm: ???: Lost

7:57 pm: Claddagh Quay: Found the Spanish Arch, I know where I am now.

Aero baaaaaaar!


Anonymous said...

I think you're onto something: pints are great, but best with company. Hopefully you'll encounter plenty of that.

Just a day.

- John

Melanie Rowe said...

What about your co-interns? I'm sure they'd be interested in grabbing a bite to eat or a pint with you, no?

MJ said...

I'm hoping for more company before too long, it's only been a week I suppose.

They would be, very much so, but we have quite incompatible schedules. Plus they only go out to eat on the weekends so as to save money.

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