Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ireland Day 4 - World Cup

I'm very tired (yay!), so this will be a short one. Time for a list!

Beautiful morning! Later, a very rainy evening.

-Up at a decent hour
-Remembered to turn on the hot water
-Walked to Cotters, the little convenience store near the bus stop
-Took lots of pictures
-Got to the studio early
-Ate a sandwich from a croissanterie
-Got to the studio a few minutes after 12
-Talked to Catharine for the next five hours and not a single person came in
-Wandered around Eyre Square and took pictures
-Ate dinner at a bar called Fagans
-Met up with Maisa and Catherine there, then went to a place called The Cellar to meet up with our new friends Dave and Roger
-Watched the World Cup
-Had my first real Guinness

Bus stop friend.

11:03 am: bus stop: While taking a picture of a flower, an old man stopped and asked me what I was taking a picture of... At least I think that's what he happened. I believe he said, "Whatcha workin' on?" and I said, "Oh, I'm just taking a picture of this flower" and he smiled, nodded and said, "Oh very good then" and walked off :)

11:26 am: 33 bus: A little boy just got on wearing a shirt that said, "I (space invader image) gaming".

Grumpy old dwarf, anyone?

11:52 am: ESC: Bought lunch at a place called La Croissanterie; Roma baguette - chicken fillet (they pronounce the "t" here, but they say "fill-it", not "fill-et"), tomato, lettuce, mustard and ground pepper. I got a medium Coke and their medium is our small.

3:05 pm: Photo One: The studio opened at 12, I've been here with Catharine since then and we haven't had a single person come in. It's been nice chatting and getting to know her, but she hasn't really had a chance to show me how to do anything because there have been no customers to train on! It's everything or nothing, sheesh.

5:15 pm: ESC: Temper has flared for the first time. Two girls and a guy standing in front of the bathroom door digging for 30 cents to get in. Completely blocking my ability to exit. I said excuse me, they all just stood there. I finally pushed past the guy while saying excuse me again. He continued to talk to them as though I wasn't in front of him or talking to him. P.S. for pay toilets I expected something nicer.

"Original Maker of Claddach Rings"

5:18 pm: Eyre Square: An underage Irish girl and I just had this exchange:

Girl: If I gave you some money would you buy me some fags?

Me: Fries?

Girl: Fags. (enunciated)

Me: Oh, I'm sorry but no.

I turned to walk away and saw her put her hands up and look at her friend in exasperation. Don't smoke, or wait until you're older and see if you still want to.

5:54 pm: Shop Street: I'm feeling alone and stupid right now so I thought I'd check out the McDonalds here, see if it has strange offerings like the Subway. I have never seen a line so long at a McDonalds before, it's busier than the one in New York. Time to find somewhere else. I'm hungry.

6:15 pm: Fagans bar: Finally found the bar where I'm meeting Maisa and Catherine. The bartender is nice. They have cheese burgers. Thank God. I miss Jake.

6:31 pm: Fagans bar: Paid for my burger with my credit card just to make sure I could. Saves up my bills for some pints when the game starts :)

7:24 pm: The Cellar: My first pint of Irish Guinness. They did two pours. I couldn't even pay for it until it was "ready". The bartender laughed at me (but in a nice way) when I tried to take it too soon. Tastes thicker!  So creamy.

7:47 pm: The Cellar: The World Cup has started. I have no idea what's happening. What does the yellow card mean?

Catherine and our new friend Dave watching the game.

7:59 pm: The Cellar: Holy shit that guy just got kicked in the chest.

9:26 pm: The Cellar: OK, World Cup, please do something interesting because I am actually dozing off in the pub.

The goalie for Spain crying because they won! It was very moving.

10:03 pm: The Cellar: Ah! Happy and crying men!




gnatw said...

How'd it go with you not knowing football with the natives? I hope they were nice to you. Did they explain enough as the game went on?

Melanie Rowe said...

Love the fluffy clouds! And what a cute pup! I guess the people blocking the bathroom door didn't think you were rude if they didn't even react to you pushing them out of the way lol. Glad you told the little girl no fags har har. And I've heard there is a special way to pour and drink Guinness that we're completely oblivious to in the U.S. I'm glad you enjoyed the beer! Somebody else is going to have to explain the world cup to you. I don't even know what game they're playing (soccer??)

MJ said...

I would never provide to minors! There is a special way to pour it, it would seem, and I have most definitely not experienced it in the US! The guy poured it almost full and then it sat for about two minutes and it got ever darker as the time passed. Then he topped it off and I was allowed to pay for it.

The World Cup is soccer, yes (or football to them!). I know nothing about it still, pretty much xD

Nat we managed to make some friends with the locals on Friday night and the guy Dave was very nice about explaining things. No one has given me too hard of a time just yet, although he was very disbelieving when I told him I only went out once every month or two. He insisted that one has to go out two to three times a week! haha

Kirstin said...

That proper pub pint of Guinness had my mouth watering and me missing the U.K.!


Daniel said...

Very fun. Hey your a world traveler! Love the pictures and stories. :)

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