Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts on New York.

It's pretty awesome!

I met up with my cousin Kelly who recently moved there. I'm glad he was there to guide me around, that would have been a nightmare attempt by myself! We scooted around town at a pretty rapid pace so we could do as much as possible before I had to get back to the airport. My bucket list included street vendor hot dogs and the Nintendo store. We knocked both of those out before going on to Times Square and Ground Zero. I belated realized I would have liked to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, and we didn't have time to go to Central Park. We had a great time and I look forward to going back, so perhaps next time.

The city was so incredibly varied, it was quite the treat. We encountered friendly streets, busy streets, smelly streets and crowed streets. Fancy streets and dirty dingy ones. The street he lives on is quite quaint, I really liked it. I feel like I was able to get a pretty decent feel for the city because we went to a few different places. We rode the subway a whole bunch, I bought a 1 day "fun pass" that I assume had unlimited rides on it fora day. We rode about 6 times and it was only $8.25 so I totally saved money. Each time we hopped on it was a different experience. At one point we were alone riding along underground. Switch to a few trips later and we were packed body to body with people having the doors shut on them because they were desperately trying to get on. It was trippy. I was also privvy to a strong and offensive whiff of street urine and garbage, as well as a beggar walking from carriage to carriage begging for money on the subway. New York!

It was incredibly hoppin' though. People everywhere and an enjoyable atmosphere. It was interesting to finally see in person what I've always seen in movies and tv shows. Creepy guy in a ribbed tank selling magazines in a literal hole in the wall in the subway? Check! People standing far closer than is necessary or safe to the edge of the subway platform? Check? People clamoring into the carriage when the doors are closing and there's no more room? Check! Stairs on the sidewalk leading to the subway? Check! It seems that everything I saw is related to the subway. I didn't grow up with a subway system, so apparently they fascinate me. Everything was so bustling. I'm surprised that I liked it that much.

Photos are being uploaded right now. Once they're finished I'll add a few, but not all of them, that'll wait until I'm back home in September. Check back later!


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