Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ireland Day 7 - Working Alone

Well, I wasn't alone the whole day, but from 10-1:15, and then again from around 4 to 5:30. A fair enough chunk though, I think. It would appear that I nabbed enough sleep last night, because I managed to make it through the work day without feeling excessively tired. Woo! All of the customer interactions went fairly smoothly, at least I feel that they did. Brad set me to learning tasks while he was away and the day just buzzed on by. In the morning I did a passport for a woman and when she paid for it she gave me €5. I was extremely confused and she asked me what was wrong. I wasn't sure what it was for, seeing as she had already paid me. She explained that it was for me, as a thank you and a good luck. I was bewildered and a little worried, I didn't know if Brad had a "no accepting tips" policy. So, I left the money where I would remember to mention it and ran it past Brad. He said that was extremely unusual, very nice of her, to go ahead and keep it and thanks for telling him. No one can ever account for the things people will do when the boss it out!

Fat fat fat pigeon. It made me think of Jake :3

I'm getting very anxious to find new things to do. My internship started straight away and now that I'm feeling settled in I am ready to get out! I want to visit Aran Islands, Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher, Aillwee Caves, West Cork, Kerry and another place whose name I can't remember at the moment. I'll be able to see all of those places no problem after this week or so I'll have two days off in a row the rest of the time that I'm here. I'm just ready to go! Friday will be such a relief, I can spend the day shopping and exploring, instead of just walking up and down in under an hour. I may bring my backpack to store my camera. Brad said I could go in late tomorrow (whee!) so to rest and sleep in a bit. Since I don't have to get up early Friday I may go out to dinner tomorrow night and have some pints at Neactain's.

I can't get enough of the colorful buildings. I've eaten at La Salsa, that lime green building on the left!

Today as we were leaving the studio Brad asked me what my plans were. I told him I was going to head home and he told me I should go out for a pint or something. I said I'd been meaning to, but everyday since arriving I was just so tired so I hadn't gotten around to it yet. So he suggested we go get a pint together. It ended up being a very nice time. We walked around Shop Street and went to Neactain's, his favorite pub and where he used to work. Afterwards we walked around a bit more and he showed me good places to eat and historic sites of interest. Great tour guide! I was hungry before we had our drink so it got me pretty good, not anything like the one I had during the World Cup (I drank that pint after having a decent sized meal). That made for a fun walk down the street and to the bus stop.

"Guinness Grin"

Before we got out of the shopping center he commented on my volume again. We decided that if I'm getting too loud he'll give me the peace sign and I'll know to quiet down a bit. I have to say it's a great system! He did it about two or three times while we were out and I immediately dropped and he'd smile. I'll come back home a changed person, much quieter! He explained a bit more about how the Irish like American's just fine, but really dislike being overly prideful and drawing attention to oneself. I guess they see being loud as being boastful and attention seeking. I nodded and said I'm just loud, even among other Americans. I want people to dislike me for me, not because I'm American! At one point he commented that my volume control was going very well. Progress! He also mentioned that the Irish have this idea of American's as being too excitable and bubbly, which makes me laugh because currently that is me to a T. He said that Irish folk that have been to the States understand it a bit better and realize we're not always like that, we're just on vacation :D Although I like to think I'm still excitable and bubbly, for better or worse.

I put my laundry in last night and I'm still waiting for it all to be dry. I don't know if it's damper indoors here or what, but I feel that my clothes are taking extra long to dry completely! It didn't occur to me that I wouldn't have access to a dryer (even though I've heard that they're rare on this side of the planet). It is a very good thing that I brought a pair of khakis, because if I hadn't I would have been in shorts today and it is too rainy for that.

A little side road that empties out near Shop Street.

This week marks the start of the Galway Arts Festival. I had no idea I'd be here for such a huge and celebrated event. I should be able to see a lot of it during my hour break, so I'm looking forward to interesting photo opportunities. In two weeks it'll be the Galway Raceweek, another huge event here, and another thing that I had no knowledge of before a week ago. I've never been to a horse race before, so I'm very excited! Thursday the 29th is Ladies Day, so I'll be going to that with Maisa and Catharine. I guess we'll be getting dressed up? Maybe I'll bet on a horsey! So much to look forward to. Brad even gave me the 29th off so I could go (I was originally scheduled). Very kind of him. I also have the 25th off now. Surprises! This Saturday I want to go to the market that they have setup near Shop Street. Apparently it's a very nice street market with a lot of vegetables and hand made crafts. It's next to this huge cathedral, the one that Columbus was at before departing for the Americas. Awesome, right? I haven't taken any photos yet. Soon though.

A great old church, but not the Columbus one.

Tonight I had lamb and mashed parsnip/carrots. The parsnips and carrots were like mashed potatoes, but I didn't really care for them. I did receive two little potatoes though, so I ate those very happily. Finally, potatoes in Ireland! The lamb was really good too. Miriam gives dessert, which is fantastic and unusual for me. There was this very sweet bread with a sort of custard in it, along with strawberries and pineapple. Yum! And then tea. It's just black tea, but I put milk and sugar in it and it becomes tasty P:

Here's to sleeping in a tiny bit and staying out for dinner tomorrow!


9:09 am: home: Each day I check the weather it shows that in two days it will be sunny. Each day, which means the sunny day just keeps moving up. What's the deal?

9:38 am: 33 bus: Budweiser ads everywhere.

12:06 pm: Photo One: First day alone! I think I'm getting on alright. Had to call Brad twice but hey, I'm training!

12:26 pm: Photo One: Uh oh, serious double booking issue.

2:39 pm: Eyre Square Center: The Claire's here has "impress Jacob" and "impress Edward" signs in its windows with warm/tribal and dark/goth dressed women, respectively. (no idea if this ad campaign is in the States as well)

2:48 pm: In line for ice cream (using the money from my €5 tip!): Some guy just walked by wearing a shirt that said, "I'd Do Me". Ugh, gross.

4:55 pm: Photo One: Almost time to go! I'd like to be on the 5:45 bus for dinner at a decent hour and maybe a stroll around the block.

7:17 pm: Bus stop: Heading to the bus from a pint with Brad. We came up with an easy system for him to let me know when I'm being loud: the peace sign. He did it a few times while we were walking down Shop Street as he was pointing out good places for dinner and/or a pint. At one point he made sure to let me know I was doing well xD

7:38 pm: Walking: Super nice old Irish man on the bus!!!



Melanie Rowe said...

You ate lamb????

MJ said...

I'm terrified of being rude and too picky, so I'm only refusing food that I absolutely know I will hate -_-

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