Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ireland Day 11 - Inception

Lots to report today! And maybe I'll finally get around to posting the rest of my pictures from two days ago >.>

I just typed that I have a lot to report but I'm suddenly drawing a blank. Perhaps if I start with waking up I'll do alright. I am so hungry right now, tummy is grumbling.

Once again I amazed myself by waking up and feeling fine after the whisky last night. When I drink I just feel incredibly hungry the next day. I was tired, I got about five hours of sleep. Caught the 11:15 bus without incident and away I went! The internship went well, as I was arriving Brad was about to do a family photo shoot. The kids were about 9-16, so not the babies and toddlers that he normally works with. It was great to watch him pose/prepare the photos and the way he created rapport with the family. He dashed off after that to teach a class though, so I edited through the photos and left a note for him saying I'm sure he wants to check my work ;) then I practiced maneuvering the octo-softbox so I don't have an embarrassingly difficult time when there's a customer in the studio. He managed to get everything back up and running after my electric crisis from yesterday. He's a very relaxed and calm, fantastic boss. I hope some of that cool level-headedness will transfer over to me!


I sent Dave a text asking if he wanted to hang out during my lunch break and he said sure (hurray for company!). He arrived promptly at 2:30, which surprised me because I thought the Irish were notoriously late! We walked to the Spanish Arch and I ate my lunch there like a real Irish youth would. Ahh, genuine experiences. It was overcast but not raining, a little windy but not bitter, not too bright either. A nice time to be out. I brought my camera but was too befuddled with my lunch to take any photos. Afterwards we found our houses on Google Maps for fun. I pointed out my car and Jake's car, it was exciting and creepy. I also showed him where the fabulous downtown Poulsbo was. I pulled up my house here in Ireland too. It was nice to get an aerial reference just for myself. Before he left he showed me two browser games: one called Chaos Faction 2 and another called Kingdom of Loathing. I didn't have the chance to check them out because I was at work! So I sent the links to myself. I have tomorrow off, perhaps I'll do so then.

The rest of my shift passed with almost nothing happening, except for the four year old falling down the escalator D: "Fear and respect the escalator". I'm sure she will now. She'll also always listen when her mom tells her to stay close and hold her hand!

I was all alight with excitement after work because we finally went and saw Inception! Our humble group of 3 or 4 grew from Dave's friend Tara inviting lots of people. The more the merrier! It was absolutely incredible, I'm glad so many people showed up! The theatre was packed. It was very muffled, too. I had the impression of being in an incredibly large, cushy, dark velvet box. It's like even the walls were lined with fabric. Everyone here is so quiet too, there weren't groups of chatter going on.

There were many interesting things of note regarding the theatre in Ireland. I will list them here:

-Nothing is playing when you walk in.
-Advertisements like on TV start playing on the nose of the show time.
-After that, movie trailers are shown.
-The screen then goes black, the lights come on, and someone changes the reel. (That was by far the strangest thing)
-Movie starts
-No one takes their trash with them and the floor was awfully sticky.

The chairs were extremely comfortable, they even reclined a bit! I was practically on the edge of my seat the whole movie anyway.

I am here now, hungry and tired, and I haven't edited any of my photos yet! I may post just one and then use my day off tomorrow to post the rest from today and from two days ago all at once :3 I have Monday and Tuesday off. I think on Tuesday I'll go on a tour!

Oh, also, I now know how to walk from Knocknacarra Park to Eyre Square. I saw the pram (prom?) today for the first time too, it runs along the water and through Salthill. Dave drove us back to our house and he took that route. It was very enjoyable for me, I was able to see and smell the ocean! There's an aquarium here that I may visit. Hmm!

Oh oh! When we got home Steve was here so we were chatting for a little bit. He gave me some great tips on photography locations in town that aren't on the super duper crowded streets, and he shared some good pubs to go if I want to take some portraits. He's very nice, I'm sad he's not around more.

Alright, I'm tired.


11:15 am: bus stop: I am heavily annoyed this morning. Hope that goes away.

11:28 am: 33 bus: Pretty much just jumped onto a moving bus; he was at a rolling stop when I got on. The bus drivers here are crazy.

12:03 pm: Photo One: Brad got everything back up and running! Hurrah!

4:29 pm: Photo One: I feel like a jerk! I keep forgetting to let Miriam know when I won't be home for dinner :( she's so sweet, I have to be more considerate than this.

4:56 pm: Photo One: A little girl just fell down the escalator. Brad warned me that it happens, he said it was usually the elderly. A male passerby scooped her up and gave her to her mom.

5:31 pm: Walking: I'd really like a phone card, but $1.75/minute to USA? Are you kidding me?

5:56 pm: Shop Street: More people smoke here than back home.

6:48 pm: Movie Theatre: Waiting to see Inception, finally. This theatre is super muffled, it's kind of freaking me out. Comfy seats though.

9:41 pm: Movie Theatre: Inception was better than words can describe. I'm very satisfied with my decision to see it in Ireland. The movies are a bit different here too! All in all, a great experience!



[Pseudonym] said...

Inception will be on my Wishlist as soon as it's available. On Blu Ray. I'm very curious to see Christopher Nolan's next movie. Though, I think it'll be Batman 3. Exciting!

MJ said...

Me too! It is absolutely a must-own movie.

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