Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ireland Day 15 - Socializing

I'm very tired.

Those two drinks didn't seem like that much alcohol but apparently they were.

Work was slow because today was the first consistently beautiful day since my arrival.

Brad encouraged me to go out and enjoy the socializing and a pub and a pint.

I rode the bus home and ate some dinner then turned around and caught the next bus back into town.

It looked as though I'd be alone at a pub, no one wanted to go out.

To my luck, Dave had some plans with other friends that he in turn invited me to.

Commence drinking at the Spanish Arch. Hung out with Geraldine some more, she's awesome! I met Dave's friends Sean and Sinead. Everyone is so nice. It was good to have such a relaxing time. We discussed word usage differences between here and the US. That was a very good conversation.

I bussed back on the last bus, the 11:15.

Took some nice photos today.

Tomorrow another full shift and then Saturday I'm assisting Brad at a wedding! I have a lot of days off next week so I expect to have a lot to say.


8:48 am: walking: I had something interesting to say but I completely forgot. I am rushing to the bus stop.

9:18 am: shop street: I have found a way to make the 8:45 bus more enjoyable: walk shop street with my camera while it's not crowded!

9:31 am: photo one: running late for the bus. no breakfast. brilliant. solution? mcdonalds. hmm.

10:50 am: photo one: ack! language barrier! not sure what he wanted. A photo where we remove his beard? wtf?

12:05 pm: photo one: aching pain in the right side of my neck down to the shoulder area. Let's hope it doesn't get worse.

1:18 pm: photo one: looking at wedding files. This father of the bride looks just like Abraham Lincoln! I'm hungry.

2:09 pm: walking: outside for my lunch and the sun is still shining! I'm actually warm! I can hardly believe it.

2:38 pm: shop street: this townhouse bar at the end of shop street (maybe it's quay street at this point) is always playing good old American music.

3:52 pm: photo one: Ok I think that old man was German, maybe Austrian, and he was quite a character.

5:50 pm: walking: Brad gave me a €10 "staff incentive" to enjoy myself at a pub this evening. Hmm!

7:13 pm: bus stop: It is perfect evening weather. Thank you Ireland, this is what i wanted :)

7:30 pm: bus stop: lame. there is no 7:15, just 7:45. Lots of standing around for the bus lately.

7:48 pm: bus stop: this guy over here is blowing snot rockets. I hope the bus gets here soon.s

9:23 pm: spanish arch: Cassidy! Dave can clap one handed!



Melanie Rowe said...

I'm glad the sun came out for you today :)

Cass said...

no. WAY. that is so awesome!! how did that even come around for you to figure out!?

MJ said...

I don't remember who brought it up, if it was him or his friend, but he said he could then Geraldine told him to do it and he did and I was all, "My sister can do that!". They were all very impressed with it but in my mind I was thinking, "Yeah I see my sister do that all the time :P" haha

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