Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ireland Day 3 - Sleeping in.

Today didn't really start off how I wanted it to.

Before I arrived in Ireland, I told myself I didn't want to sleep in and lose my days. I have big plans, see, a very full agenda and a lot on my bucket list. Get up early, go to bed at a decent hour, blog daily, photograph everything, go out and see the town, meet new people and just live it up.

Yesterday fit that bill, excluding going to bed at a decent hour, and today hasn't been nearly as successful. I have high expectations.

Happy because I took the correct stop off the bus on my way home today.

I set my alarm to go off at 8 this morning. Seeing as I went to bed at 3 am, I knew I wouldn't be in compliance. However! I expected to only sleep another hour or two, three at the latest, after turning off my alarm.

1:30 pm. I woke up at 1:30 in the freaking afternoon.

I was so angry! Half my day just gone. Gone! On top of that I was supposed to go to the studio for a few hours and work with Catharine. I rushed around and caught the 2:15 bus into Eyre Square. In terms of my internship, it wasn't a huge deal because I was told to come in whenever today. I'm just angry that I lost so much day. I could have been editing pictures, or taking more pictures!

Either way, I scooted into the studio and started working as best I could. Catharine sent me off to get lunch because I told her about my sleeping mishap. The afternoon went very well and I stayed until 5 pm. Catharine had to run to the post office so she left me in charge! While she was gone the phone rang twice and three people came in. I did my best, but on the whole wasn't incredibly helpful. I took a message for Catharine and she called someone back when she arrived. One person decided to come back after her hair appointment, and another person I sent off with a price sheet. The first phone call was Brad asking how my yesterday went, and the second call was a woman who made a booking! I felt so proud.

Catharine unleashed me early (I was supposed to stay until 5:30 when they actually close) so I would have time to go and buy a black shirt. Apparently, in Ireland, places close early on Saturdays. I told her that generally places are open later Friday and Saturday but close early Sunday. I guess places are open late Friday, close early Saturday, and open late Sunday. How interesting!

Shopping in non-US stores!

I went to a store called Penneys, an inexpensive clothing place that was a complete stampede! I felt so buffeted and uncomfortable. I managed to find a nice shirt though, hopefully it's not of terrible quality. I had a slightly panicked moment when I realized I don't know Irish clothing size! Turns out for shirts I'm a 12. I took a 10 into the changing rooms and it was just barely too small for me so I grabbed a 12 and bought it. I didn't want to go back to the changing rooms because the line was super long. This particular store had an electronic check-in system: your door tag has a bunch of holes in it and it inserts into a mechanism in the wall where the woman running the rooms inputs how many items you'll be trying on. Very structured.

After my €11 purchase (tax is included, which is awesome, because purchases just are what they are, no trying to figure out extra numbers) I saw that it was 5:30, which meant that if I hustled a bit I could make the 5:45 bus! I totally did, by the way. My sights were set toward hitting the Stop button, I was ready and in place, then someone else hit it before me D: D: D: Soooo, I hopped off the bus on time today, but I didn't have the triumph of doing it myself.

This is strange graffiti. Is that a penis?

Since I've been home, Maisa, Catherine and I have eaten pizza and watched TV. It has been a relaxing evening. I look forward to a more productive tomorrow!

And now, my daily updates, photos to come in a bit:

1:30 pm: woke up. Damn.

2:13 pm: at the bus stop: I don't want to lose half the day ever again while I'm here.

3:14 pm: Photo One: Eating lunch from a grocery type store called Dunnes. Ham & Mustard sandwich, cheese & onion crisps and a coke.

5:09 pm: Eyre Square Center: Just left Photo One, the guy in front of me on the escalator got his shoelace stuck in the top mechanism.

5:20 pm: Penneys: This clothing store has an electronic check-in system for trying on clothing. I'm curious to know the numbers for theft here vs. the US to know if their system works.

5:28 pm: Penneys: This store is a complete mad house, you'd think it was Christmas Eve.

Meow. This cat was on the second story.

5:36 pm: 33 Bus: Got to the bus stop just in time! I wasn't here a minute when it pulled up. Fingers crossed that I get off at my stop this time :D

6:03 pm: Sidewalk: Managed to get off at the right stop! Well, technically I'm off a stop before. A guy hit the stop button and I figured it wouldn't hurt to walk an extra 100 feet or so :)

Stormy and unpleasant weather. If you turn left at that first street you'll get to my house!



Melanie Rowe said...

I understand your frustration over sleeping in, but cut yourself a little slack. Traveling is exhausting, and obviously you needed the rest. It still sounds like you had an exciting and full day!

gnatw said...

Yeah, I agree with your mom. You've got a whole month there, right?! Sleeping in one day is nuthin! I did that a few times in Scotland a few yrs ago! Your body said "Must.Sleep.Now!" And it did!

Yeah, that weather is interesting. You might look back in the future and think it's fairly similar to home!

MJ said...

I already realize it's just like home xD I'm ready to walk around though! I can't have my camera in the rain for that long :\

Even though I know I need the sleep I want to be on a regular schedule now! Stuff to do! hehe

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