Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ireland Day 21 - Something New

As in, "You learn something new everyday". I like this phrase and sometimes it is a good thing learned and sometimes it is a bad thing learned. We're going to file this particular knowledge somewhere in the middle. It would be that overlapping area in a Venn diagram!

This is me: I'm a Miranda! (thanks Andrew xD) I've made new friends in Ireland and I've been having a good time with a drink or two.

This is BuckFast:

This is how I feel after drinking it, apparently:

And this is how I feel about those that told me to drink it:

j/k, Dave is cool :P I didn't have to drink it. It doesn't taste great, it is very similar to cherry cough syrup, but it's drinkable (barely). I didn't have that much. With that said, I assure you that I will never be drinking it again. In terms of other people's horrible drinking experiences, this isn't even bad. It's bad enough for me though because in my drinking world I'm always fine. I forget how it came up, but Dave says, "You may feel a little queasy tomorrow morning, BuckFast does that". Good to know, I think to myself. Later Dave says, "There's caffeine, it'll be hard to sleep" and I say, "I could fall asleep right now, it is 2 in the morning". So he, Roger and I catch a cab home. I blog hastily and then go to sleep.

Now, I wasn't feeling so hot earlier in the day yesterday. It started shortly after we had lunch at Fitz's before getting to the Cliffs. I guess I am really stupid, I probably shouldn't have been drinking when I was already feeling off, but I did anyway so that's that. I get probably the worst night of sleep ever. I kept waiting up feeling like I was about to throw up. A "little queasy" my ass. That was full on nausea. It was ever so special. No, I didn't throw up, but the unsettling feeling lasted with me all through the day at work and into the afternoon. It only went away after I ate Burger King. Strange? I think so.

I tell him, "I don't like BuckFast and I don't like you". So yes, I'll never be drinking that again. It's nasty anyway. He drinks it and is fine, he's just crazy. I'll stick to my new favorite of whisky and coke, thank you very much.

Work today was fun as a result. My fault though. Didn't see that coming. But hey, I'm a responsible adult and I took care of everything that needed to be done! This is what I got to make myself feel better and ate through the day:

I've never seen half loaves of bread. I love it here!

Apparently my pairs of shoes are unfit for the races tomorrow. It was "suggested" that I purchase a new pair to go with my dress. I shuffled around some stores today looking for a cheap pair of black shoes. The girls insisted that I get flats, but I hate those! Uncomfortable and I don't like how they look on my feet. I bought these instead!:

€4. We'll see if they destroy my feet tomorrow or not.

I also bought this to go with it:

Once I meet up with Geraldine and borrow her hairpiece and shawl I'm going to be one classy lady.

I am so tired. Blog this blog that, photos photos photos. I'm ready to go to sleep. I need rest for tomorrow, horse races woo! The girls went today, Emily's not sure if she'll be going tomorrow, so they went with her. Sounds like they had a great time, so that's good! I wonder if I'll win anything :3 I need to find a good way to choose my horses. I'm thinking stupidest names.

I'm going to wrap this up because nothing particularly interesting happened today, other than feeling like I was going to be sick the whole time! I woke up to an e-mail stating I've been invited to the Cataclysm beta, but that's a subject for my other blog.


10:04 am: photo one: Never stopped feeling a little iffy yesterday. It has carried over to today.

12:48 pm: photo one: I have the constant sensation that I have to puke. This is so lovely.

1:55 pm: photo one: Justin Bieber song stuck in my head. Didn't even know the song until last night, those jerks.

3:43 pm: eyre square center: The mannequins here are so freaking creepy.

3:47 pm: Burger King: I'm hoping this food will either make me vomit, thus eliminating the queasy, or it will satiate my stomach, thus eliminating the queasy. Either way I win, I hope.

5:48 pm: walking: I bought €4 shoes to go with my much more expensive dress for tomorrow.

6:28 pm: home: How nice, the internet is out. No uploading, no blogging, no WoW beta. (this is obviously fixed now)



[Pseudonym] said...

I suppose they should call Buckfast "Toxic Wine" instead of "Tonic Wine".

I like your 2nd pic. Though, to me, it looks a bit more like you're holding your breath underwater then nausea. It still gets the point across. Don't get me wrong.

MJ said...

Toxic wine is right, sheesh.

Yeah I wasn't sure if that looked like I was about to puke or what. It's the best I could come up with :)

[Pseudonym] said...

I used the wrong form of "than". I'm so very disappointed in myself.

MJ said...

How could you?

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