Friday, July 16, 2010

Ireland Day 9 - Retail Therapy

ok this is short, because i'm tired and it's late.

Today was much better than yesterday. I had a better attitude but also got a lot of socializing in. Thank goodness! met some new people, another intern included, and more friends of Dave's. Yay socializing! I shopped and shopped, shopped my butt off. I have a lot of great new items and I shouldn't need to spree it again while I'm here. I may look for more jewelry though, I can't resist :3

I'm very glad to report that I'm feeling better, I have more people to hang out with and I have the official OK to call people when I want someone to spend time with. Happy days! I also found a very delicious pizza place today. SLEEP!

Bank of Ireland, right hand side.

11:18 am: bus stop: Finally busting out the video camera!

11:24 am: 33 bus: Tights, leggings and belted shirts are very "in" here.

12:26 pm: New Look: Trying on clothes. I wish I had someone here for consultation D':

12:36 pm: New Look: Found a shirt I really like! it's definitely not what I would normally buy. Growth!

12:55 pm: Eyre Square Center: My credit card worked!

1:22 pm: Swamp: Peeping Tom two year old in the dressing room! lol

1:28 pm: Smart-Tee: Bought the dress at Swamp, it was too expensive but I loved it!

2:17 pm: Shop Street: shopshopshop

3:07 pm: Greyhound race track: I walked soooooooo far past the pizza place. Dammit.

3:17 pm: Bella Roma: This place is across the street from where I originally tried to cross; the street was very busy so I went down to the next intersection and started up the next street over. Blahahahbhabhaghgh.

5:15 pm: Walking to the bus stop: Just passed two boys about age 12, one had a phone that was playing music that sounded similar to Lady GaGa and he was singing along, high pitched and everything.

7:01 pm: Sonny's: Met some nice people!

7:10 pm: Shop Street: Went to leave and the guy leaned in like he was going to say something and he kissed me on the cheek instead! Then the other guy wanted a picture so Emily took one of us and he kissed me on the head! They were nice, not sleazy, just had a few drinks in them!

7:30 pm: Eyre Square: Bought a bottle of Jameson and a pack of coke. I feel so mature.

8:12 pm: Garvey's Inn: Emily is letting me keep my whisky and coke here, I guess we're meeting Maisa and Catherine in town.

11:48 pm: Kenny's house: At someone's house having a drink. Remember to send Dave a link to Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. He hasn't seen it.

I'll put up more pictures tomorrow, too tired right now.



I decided to add a bit more about yesterday now that I'm rested.

I got a good start on the day and had decent weather for most of it. I had a lot of fun talking into the video camera at various points, but certainly received a lot of strange looks. I went to a whole bunch of stores buying up things that I wanted; a few new shirts, some Ireland specific shirts, a bracelet, a dress (too expensive but I love it), another scarf (merino wool!) and an Ireland zip hoodie. It was literally a spree and it was a lot of fun. I bought the sort of clothing that I wouldn't normally buy back home because they don't really have anything here that I'd normally wear (??). It was exciting and scary. My intention was to go home last night and take pictures of everything and do a lengthy blog about how much fun I had, but the night turn a random turn for the super fun!

After exhausting myself with buying stuff (ha!), I found a pizza place to eat at. I asked the tourist information kiosk if there was a good place to get pizza nearby, so he handed me a map, pointed it out and said it was just up the road. My keen sense of direction took me right past it and up the next road over about half a mile. That was a pleasant surprise. So I meandered back, numerous bags in tow, and went into the building I had passed earlier. It was a really fancy place and not busy since it was about 3:30 on a Friday. I had some amazing bread with tomatoes and a fantastic cheese pizza.

My adventures then lead me back to the bus. I was supposed to meet up with another intern, Emily from Sligo, but I hadn't heard from her yet. I figured that worst case scenario I'd just drop off my purchases at home and catch the bus back to meet her... and that's exactly what happened! She's really very nice and has an interesting internship: researching radon levels. Serious business.

We walked around the square and had a merry time taking photos of everything (she's also interested in photography). Our wanderings led us down Shop Street where we met a few unusual fellows. They were obviously trying to sell something, but instead went off into a friendly tangent and invited me over to sit with another friend. Emily went to do some shopping and I sat with my new friends outside of a pub called Sonny's and talked about traveling. Apparently they visit the States a lot and really enjoy it there. After chatting for a while Emily and I decided it was time to go and find the bus. I got both of their names and off we went! (but not before surprise kisses on the cheek and the top of the head. That was certainly unexpected on my part)

There were plans to go out, it being Friday and all, so I bought whisky and coke. I've never had whisky before and I figured I may as well get Jameson and drink it while I'm here! I'm being advised from all sides to get a chaser or a mixer for it, so coke it is. I thought we'd be drinking at home, but turns out Maisa and Catherine were heading into town to meet up with Dave and go to his friend's house. SO, I stored my stuff at Emily's hotel room and we met up with them all.

A grand time was had by all, drinking and playing Kings. The trend continues with fun and nice people in each social setting. I didn't bring my whisky, so we stopped off and I bought some Guinness in a can (which I found out is not good). But hey it was something. In addition to Roger and Dave, we now know Kenny, James, Eoin, Tara and Estella (such a pretty name, by the way!). Huzzah!

And so ends my next day update of yesterday.



Melanie Rowe said...

I had no idea you loved to shop so much. Is this an Irish thing???

3v3 said...

Ohh I miss shopping in Galway... your posts stir up all these memories and I want to go back so bad now! (Heads up, you're going to feel this so much when you come back). I know what you're going through though, when I was there I stumbled into the cutest little boutique and even though I'm not really very girly they had a dress that I just couldn't say no to. And it was too expensive. It was about $110 I think, but the shop owner was nice enough to give me a student discount so I got it for around $80. Which is, I think, the most I've ever spent on a casual article of clothing, but I justified it by thinking, "When am I going to be in Ireland on a study abroad program with a disposable income again? Never! I'll take it!"

MJ said...

I'm not sure what it is mom, but I've wanted to shop since I landed! I hope I got the worst of it out of my system.

Eve I'm afraid about going back home and missing it here so badly! I wish I had been given a student discount! It was around $100...

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