Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ireland Day 14 - No Pictures

Sort of. Mostly. I took two bad ones.

I was bad today and didn't take any. I brought my camera along with me as per usual, but it was a fairly uneventful day and it rained the whole time and was bitterly cold and windy. Not many chances to bust out the camera. I had every intention of photographing interesting items around the house, but then I started taking quizzes on this quiz site Sporcle. Does everyone remember Spark quizzes? This is worse because they're better and they're timed and they're about things you actually care about. Like Harry Potter and Pokemon.

What do you do when you make a new friend in a different country? I talk about Pokemon, apparently.

So. many. quizzes. Thanks a lot Dave.

The bus was late this morning and then I was late for work a bit, so that sucked. Normally I arrive around 9:40, giving me time to settle in and prepare for the day and clean and see what'll be happening. Today it didn't arrive until almost 9:50. I'm already a totally seasoned bus rider (ahem), so seeing huge groups of people get on and NO ONE has change ready pisses me off now >.> This happened at three stops, I believe, making us fairly late. I was not happy. Stupid unreliable public transportation.

Things exploded at work right when I opened, that's how it goes when you're late though, right? Nothing was unmanageable, but it was still a lot to adjust to. Do you realize how thick Polish accents are? I also got my first earful of true Scottish Burr today and damn was that a challenge. At least all the lights were working. I guess.

The highlights of my day surround my UH-MAZING hot chocolate experience and my baked potato lunch. I wish I had my camera with me when I bought the hot chocolate (too much rain, remember?). It was glorious to behold. It was beautiful in every way, I almost didn't want to drink it for realz. It was like in The Simpsons Movie when Flanders makes that amazing hot chocolate for Bart. This one wasn't quite that extravagant, but you could tell someone put effort in with decorations and embellishments. I drank it happily. I will be buying many more while I'm here. At one point it became too busy for me to drink it so I set it down away from the computers and by the time I came back to it it was cold! Still so very good though, and that is an uncommon trait for hot chocolate. Butlers Chocolate Cafe, I love you.

My delicious baked potato came from a place called Couch Potato(es?). It was all baked potatoes on the menu! Smelled great in there too. I bought myself a cheese and broccoli one and gobbled it right up. Filing and hearty, just what I wanted. I'll probably go back and try a more adventurous one before too long.

Things slowed down quite a bit near the end of the day so I was able to prepare to leave a little early. I wanted to catch the 5:45 bus, I was tired and wanted dinner. After double checking that everything was ship-shape I went off for the bus. I arrived in time for the 5:45 to show up and there was very heavy traffic in the square. I resigned myself to accepting the bus would be late and waited next to some really noisy teenagers.

5:50. 5:55. 6:00. 6:05. 6:10.

TWO, yes that's right, TWO number 33 Knocknacarra buses pull up at 6:10. I can only assume they were the 5:45 and the 6:15 showing up. I sighed and sat down, thinking "That teaches me for trying to hurry". It took us another 14 minutes to get to the opposite end of the square to the other bus stop. It was a torturous ride home.

I suppose I'll say I deserved the camera break, it was nice to relax. I stuffed my face with lasagna, corn on the cob and a very decadent citrus cheesecake that Catherine made at work today. Yum!

So now here I sit, with my pathetic photos and music. I wonder when I'll go to bed?

These are my keys. One goes to my bedroom door and the other goes to the studio! I love these keys. That in the background would be some information about powerful Pokemon moves... >.>


11:14 am: photo one: rough day so far. The experience here truly is invaluable in helping me decide if I want a studio of my own.

12:27 pm: photo one: on my lunch I have to post something. hehe. (that means mail it!)

2:21 pm: couch potato: at a little restaurant called 'couch potato'. It's an all baked potato place! I'm very excited about this. Oh, and Butlers Chocolate Cafe really does make the absolute best hot chocolate. That place needs to be in the tour books.

3:02 pm: GameStop: The GameStop here sells CDs and DVDs. It also has a horrible organization system. It would be hell to keep this place alphabetized, I'm sure that's why it's not. They do the 'put all the As together' system. Ugh.

6:15 pm: bus: Irony? I hustled to make the 5:45, waited and waited, then at 6:10 two #33s showed up; the 5:45 and the 6:15. Traffic is just atrocious.

(From yesterday, July 20th)

7:11 pm: Joyces (store): nadia's Irish doppleganger!



Cass said...

gosh, when i read "i have to post something", i immediately thought "like, to her blog?" then i finished reading your thought and was like, "oh, wow! neat!!!!"

polish and scottish accents? fancy! did you imagine that's how jamie sounds? ^.^

MJ said...

People don't say "neat" here. Which I find funny because I say it all the time. I was telling Dave that the old man I photographed was neat and he kind of laughed and said, "No one says 'neat'. You won't hear a single person say that word".

This Scotsman had a higher pitched voice than I imagined and he talked very fast, so it's not quite what I was imagining, but I'll be sure to give full reports once I'm in Scotland xD

[Pseudonym] said...

Oh my god! STILL with the Jamie!!

I wish you could keep those keys. They are quite neat! Perhaps you could get copies made so you can bring them back home?

MJ said...

I have considered asking about making copies actually :) they're just so fun!

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