Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ireland Day 6 - I am dead on my feet.

For some reason I am incredibly exhausted. Last night I went to bed at midnight and woke up about 7:45. That is more than the amount of sleep necessary to be well rested. I could be killing at 200% with that! (harhar, for more silly geek talk, see my other blog).

Today I could hardly pay attention to my training with Brad, it was embarrassing. He kept stopping and looking at me and saying, "You're tired, aren't you?" I was staring blankly at him and I KNOW my right eyelid droops uncontrollably when I'm that sleepy, I look so stupid. At even 3 in the afternoon I was nodding off with my head in my hand while he was at lunch. I kept getting up and walking around the studio to try and rattle myself awake. I've been eating, and eating fairly healthy thanks to Miriam. I haven't had as much water as I'd prefer, but I'm rectifying that situation right now.

Ready for the day!

Perhaps the travel is catching up with me? I've also been learning a lot these past two days. I have a lot of new information crammed into my brain. Wake up at 7:30-8, catch the 9:15 bus, start at 10, break at 1 or 2 for an hour, close up at 5:30, catch the 6:15 bus (if I'm lucky!). Yesterday I was on the 7:15 bus because I was still at the studio at 6:30. It was crazy!

Good things did happen today though! The weather was crap, but it's to be expected. I did realize something today though, regarding rain and the difference between Washington and Ireland: Washington does indeed have water that falls from the sky, in this fashion, it is rain. However, Ireland has rain, it is always pissing rain. It doesn't drizzle, really, and if it does, it's just building up to come down hard and consistently. It's the kind of rain that we get in Washington and are RELIEVED because it's finally gone past drizzling. I've never owned a real raincoat in Washington because I've never actually needed one, it's usually not raining hard enough to justify one and I'm never out for that long. Even when I'm just shooting from building to building here I put up the hood of my coat because damn, that's a lot of water.

Playground near the stop. I can't decide if those are octopus tentacles or not.

I got some great experience with passports, which is super funny. He does every kind though, not just U.S. (obviously). We do babies and toddlers as well, which is challenging. If all goes according to plan then I'm going to be fantastic with children by the time I get back home, haha! Yesterday I managed to get two little girls to stop fighting over a fake microphone by getting them interested in a matching game that everyone could play. Go me!

Miriam packed a lunch for me today :3 It was a chicken salad sandwich! Mom will be so proud of me, I'm eating all sorts of new foods. I can pay her weekly and she'll provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's great! She'll buy snacks that I like too. Dinner tonight was breakfast, but it was a traditional Irish breakfast! There was a lot on my plate. I took a picture. Did you know that over here, pudding is a little meat patty? They don't have pudding like we do. Tragic.

Bus ride to Eyre Square.


I guess there are people here called Travelers that I need to be wary of. They were explained to me to be very similar to White Trash in the States, only more varied. Some are very violent and gang-like, while others are perfectly normal. On the whole they're gypsies, I guess. Brad said when he was first here he was walking down a street and there was a girl playing music with a hat in front of her to collect money. A guy went at her and kicked her hat and all of her money went flying everywhere and he started yelling and flipping her off. Brad says he was shocked and went right up to the guy and started asking him what he thought he was doing. Apparently he expected other people to back him up and defend the street musician, but the other people on the street behind the Traveler were shaking their heads and waving their hands, trying to get Brad to not confront the guy. He claims this particular type of Traveler could have been gone 5 minutes then come back with a bunch of guys with bats. Yikes.

Today I couldn't help myself, I had to do some shopping. I popped into a Sweater Shop with lots of souvenirs and looked around before the bus came. I just bought a couple of small things to calm myself down. I can't wait for Friday!! Shopping all day! I asked Miriam where I could go for some clothes that were of nicer quality and durability and she listed off a few places. I bought that black shirt for work at a place called Penneys, and they're an inexpensive clothing store, I guess like Forever21, where one shouldn't necessarily expect things to hold up. I imagine I'll be shipping some stuff back home before I leave for my two weeks around England and Scotland with Jake :3 <3 I can't wait to shop!

CD and cards.

Oh, one more thing, I hit the Stop button to get off the bus today!!! :D :D :D


9:19 am: 33 bus: The 9:18 bus is much less crowded than the 8:48. I almost fell over while walking to my seat; didn't take one of the holding rails soon enough and the driver took off!

9:29 am: 33 bus: That guy has the most intense chin dimple I have ever seen.

Toast, bacon (that I swear was Canadian bacon), fried egg, half a grilled tomato, beans, two different types of sausage and two different types of pudding. Oh, and tea. :O

1:49 pm: AIB bank: Just withdrew some money. I was hoping to take out more than it allowed so I wouldn't have to pay too many more fees. I wish it would have told me how much it charged me too :\

1:59 pm: Eyre Square Center: Oh my gosh, Chavid's Irish doppleganger! What is going on here!?

2:26 pm: Eyre Square Center: Two things: one, there is not a single electronics store in this freaking place, and two, I'm about to order a shake and I don't know any of the flavors D':

2:38 pm: Photo One: Cadbury Caramel, delicious!

Phone while I'm here. Stupid military time.

6:01 pm: The Sweater Store: The jewelry in all of the stores here is so beautiful.

6:13 pm: But stop: "It would be craic though". I just heard someone say that :)

6:28 pm: 33 bus: Stopped at a few stores before getting on the bus. I want to shop so bad I finally couldn't contain myself anymore! I didn't buy too much though; a pack of Ireland playing cards (to add to my ever growing collection), a very pretty green scarf (I've been needing one with all this wind), and a CD of traditional Irish drinking songs. I asked the lady which ones were upbeat and fun, can't wait to listen to it! On Friday I have the day off, so there will be laundry and shopping!!!

Tired and taking pictures with my feet.

New scarf!

It is fabulous! And contains silk.



[Pseudonym] said...

That is a tentacle. Your phone says 9:04 PM. I love you. Glad you're enjoying yourself! You look quite happy in ALL your pictures. :D

MJ said...

Well who wants a picture of me looking sad? :P Jk, I'm smiling because I'm happy!

Melanie Rowe said...

I don't think I'd want my child contained in a swing set that has tantacles. Just saying....

MJ said...

lol Mom I'm with you.

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