Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ireland - Day 1

I wrote down some thoughts and snippets while traveling, I'm going to share them now. I am in a jet-lagged daze (I forgot to take the herbal pills that Ann gave to me, damn it all), feels like I'm drunk. I've had about 6 hours of sleep in the past two days, that's never happened to me before. I went from Seattle to New York, then Dublin and here I am in Galway. Ireland. I'm in Ireland! This is amazing. I look forward to tomorrow when I'll be rested and my brain will be at optimum function to allow things to sink in. Right now everything is just too surreal. I'm on the other side of the WORLD! I have never traveled like this before. I'm 8 hours ahead of Seattle time! AHH!


7/8 11:34 am Dublin airport: I swear I just saw Dr. Christman's Irish doppleganger!

11:43 am: waiting for my luggage and people watching. This is for Ethelyn: so many cute guys!

12:30 pm: riding the 748 to Dublin Heuston train station. The buildings here are so damn awesome. My pack is heavy, I need real sleep and hearty meals to regain my strength.

1:15 pm: Dublin Heuston: waiting for my 2:30 train to Galway. The bathroom costs 30 cents to use. I don't know if I have that! Will my train have a bathroom? This is all so new!

1:32 pm: just watched a guy check out a lady for an extremely long time. I'm surprised he didn't run into someone while he was raking her with his eyes.

2:00 pm: Dublin to Galway train: James there is a guy on here that looks a lot like Colin Farrell! I'm thinking of you!

2:17 pm: Dublin to Galway train: a girl just walked past me and she was so so beautiful, I feel even uglier than I already did, covered in two days of travel yuckiness.

There's an old couple sitting at a table with me on the train and I asked them if there's any food and they answered but I have no idea what they said. Thick accents and muffled speech!

3:13 pm: train to Galway: the snack cart comes by, the old man across from me wakes me up because he knows I wanted a snack. The man with the cart asks me what I want. I stare blankly at the snacks I've never heard of before. Buffalo Crisps?! I buy a bottled water and a blueberry muffin. They have Snickers bars here, Kit Kats too but the wrapper looks different.

There was a woman on the train whose skin was like paper and carved stone. The lines were so deep in her face, rivets really, but she was so papery at the same time. Next to her, a man with a smooshed face. He'll be a neat old old man.

And so that ends the notes I took while traveling today. I'm anxious to get back to socializing with Maisa and Catherine, but I'd like a shower. I don't have any shampoo or soap. Perhaps I can borrow some of theirs for the day? I'm in Ireland and I need some soap. I'm in Ireland :3

I have pictures to share but I haven't uploaded them yet. I think I'll wander over and ask for some soap and then bathe. More updates to come!



Here are pictures! A day late, I apologize :)

A glimpse of the east coast of Ireland!

Pretty pretty pretty pretty.

Dublin Heuston train station. Platform 2 headed for Galway.

The nice old couple that I shared part of the train ride with.

A rain splattered window, obviously.

Irish countryside.

In Lousie's car. Wrong side! xD

Maisa and Catherine, my fellow internship mates!

Next update photos will be more prompt :D



Cass said...

miranda! you're in ireland! ireland! i'm in awe and i'm not even there!!! i very much enjoyed your notes through your traveling experience and i can't wait to read more updates!!

Melanie Rowe said...

Sounds like a road-weary yet amazing start to your journey. I can't wait to follow your adventures through your blog!

[Pseudonym] said...

Beware of Dr. Christman's doppelganger. He breaks backs instead of fixing them.

Jeez. Ogling at all the cute guys. You don't want to date an Irishman. They don't allow their girlfriends to wear Chucks. Sorry.

I'm willing to be that WAS Colin Farrell! Was he drunk? Did he have a mole?

Xandre said...

Awesome update! Looking forward more of your adventures!

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