Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inspiration struck.

Yesterday I took a whole bunch of pictures. It was one of our first truly beautiful and pleasant summer days so far in the season and I did a pretty good job taking advantage of it.

First order of business was a walk around the yard! My sister is working on some projects for her Earthtastic! shop and our mom's house happens to have an abundance of lavender growing around it. She cut away while I took pictures.

Many lovely water droplets all over the bushes.

A lady bug friend.

Elijah's interested was piqued by the lady bug.

Really, really piqued. He loves bugs.

Unjuy, handsome fancy feline, was enjoying the sun and our presence outdoors.

Some surprise lilies are growing near the front porch! We all love lilies.

A walk into the large backyard yielded some excellent photo opportunities. Cassidy brought me back there especially for these beauties!

It was very easy to take a lot of pictures.

I picked just three to share, but I have a lot more.

And finally, some peaches. Our yard is a treasure trove of flora!

My outdoor sunshine enjoyment continued into the late afternoon. I visited with a friend I hadn't seen in some time and nabbed some shots from downtown Poulsbo.

Here is Danny skipping or throwing (I wasn't really paying attention) some rocks at the Sound. I didn't follow him down the embankment because I had my camera.

A walkway from the small boardwalk that goes from downtown to a little park in the woods next to the water. I have taken photos of this cement stretch before!

Under-ripe berries? I'm not really sure. Yesterday is  the first time I've really used my flash in conjunction with nature photos. It was a great experience. In the words of Joe McNally, "It doesn't have to be human to light it". That may not be exactly what he said, but it was very close to that. I had never thought of using my flash for subjects that weren't people. I feel it has really brought my photos to a new level!

Obligatory historic shot.

A pub called Hare & Hound opened up downtown not terribly long ago, and then suddenly this 100% genuine, but non-functioning, British phone booth showed up outside of it! I was just tickled when  my Grandma came home about a week ago and told me about it. I had to stop and take a picture. I'll be able to get photos of ones in London soon!

So this concludes my inspirational day of photography. I hope to be struck again soon.



Nadia said...

Nice Miranda! Didn't lose those shadow details in the bright sun or anything! Beautiful :oD

MJ said...

Being out with my flash really made a big difference! It's taken me a while to become really comfortable and maybe even proficient with my flash. It has really opened up my possibilities.

Karissa C. said...

I love the summery feeling of these photos! They are beautiful. Nice to for me to catch up on how you are doing. You're Ireland projects sound awesome, good luck!

Karissa C. said...

Ok, sorry, so OCD moment here, but I realize I misused two words in my last comment there: "to" should be "too" and "you're" should be "your." Lol, sorry, those things drive me crazy!

Glad to see you are out taking lots of photos!

MJ said...

I understand! Those mistakes make me crazy too XD

It was so nice to get out and take pictures in nice weather!

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