Saturday, February 26, 2011

A home!

OK, still no pictures, so if they're expected... stop reading I guess. I'd hate to disappoint!

I haven't had a chance to take out my camera because I've been busy with a million other things. I'm finally settled in with a room in a house, clothes put away, shower figured out and food in the pantry. Tomorrow I'd like to do a test walk out to the studio to see how long it takes me to get there. On Monday I might be getting a ride to the immigration office, which would be spectacular.

Right now I'm having tea and chocolate biscuits while watching Friends :3 I'm hoping my mom will get online soon and we can video chat on Skype!

I suppose it isn't entirely true that I haven't taken any photos: I have a phone that has a decent camera on it and I've taken a few with that. Mostly I've sent smiling pictures to Andrew as well as house photos to facebook. Yesterday I moved into a house (yay!) and I did a lot of unpacking as well as bedding shopping. I had a mishap with the electrical outlets (D:) so my electronic fiddling was brought to a screeching halt. This morning I had a nice video chat with Andrew <3 before finally demystifying the secrets of the shower. I got a very late start and finally meandered into town around 2 pm. Whenever I leave my neighborhood I get to smile and think about delicious bruschetta: I live right next to Bella Roma! I love that place!

My house is in excellent walking distance of everything that I need. I can walk to the grocery store, shopping center, food, sights, friends houses and work! Yesterday I took two trips to Penneys. I needed bedding and towels and that sort of thing, and I can only carry so much at once! Today I went into town to get my phone looked at (AGAIN) and then did a little grocery shopping. I love food! I wasn't sure what to buy, really, I just made sure I had enough to eat meals today and tomorrow. I figure I'll do some meal planning tonight and then go back again tomorrow.

Time to do some dishes and fiddle around with my room some more. Fingers crossed that I'll have pictures to post before too long!


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