Sunday, April 3, 2011


Everyday I pass a wide assortment of fences. They're all iron/metal, and they all look like impalers. Some are black, some are white. Quite a few are rusted. Occasionally they are silver. Some are very ornate. It took me a month of walking past them everyday for me to stop and realize that maybe, just maybe, they'd make for an interesting mini photo series. 

A few days ago I finally pulled out my camera and enjoyed a leisurely walk home. I imagine I may have looked silly, because I spent a lot of the walk bent over and under fence posts. At one point I was photographing some posts that belonged to a house with a red door. Residents were attempting to go in and out of the door, and in that moment I was especially thankful to be female. We tend to be perceived as less threatening when photographing a door or window o.O

If I can muster the effort to not be lazy then I'm sure that I can find many more fences. It has been near the surface of my mind, and I know that I've seen more on various routes. Generally they crop up on my way to work, and I can't really stop then. The sun decided to take a brief hiatus over Ireland so I haven't been feeling up to leisurely home walks this past week. The sun is out full force today, just gorgeous and mostly cloud free, but I'm taking a relax-and-watch-Friends stance. 

Last night I spent the evening with Ger and her friend Sarah. We had an excellent night of chatting, and then around 1 am we went to a cafe in town for snacking purposes. I've never gone out for a hot chocolate at 1 in the morning, so that was a lot of fun. I brought my camera just in case, but never took it out of my bag. The place had such a low-key ambience that I would have felt very disrupted if I had started to snap snap away with my camera. Maybe another time. At the very least I should cut past the storefront and take a picture of the building.

I have yet to take any portraits, aside from my self-portraits, since I've been here. I asked Ger if she'd be interested and she said yes, so hopefully she and I will work that out soon. It'd be a lot of fun. She has a lot of friends too, so maybe they'd be interested as well. So much potential fun and portraits!

Another round of self-portraits may be necessary though, seeing as Ger helped me dye my hair red last night! I haven't had red hair since 2006 and I'm feeling pretty ecstatic. Because of my job at GameStop I wasn't able to have any 'unnatural' hair colors -_- But I am free now! Free! When I can I'll get my hands on some more intense fake-y red color and add to what I have now. Although it's surprisingly and pleasingly red for a drugstore hair dye.

Very recently I came across a website that has really helped me to compile photography inspiration. Pinterest is a sort of collection board website, and you can 'collect' anything you'd like. I have multiple photography boards, portrait, love and general, and it feels good to scroll through and take a peek. Anytime I find a new great photo on the great interweb, I can 'pin it' to my relevant board. It's there for me to reference anytime, and I can share it with other Pinterest users. Fabulous website. 

I'm sure I won't be taking an nature photos today, but if I can manage a shower then I may take some pictures of my hair. We'll see!



Gary said...

Freaking awesome !

MJ said...

Thanks! :)

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