Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nothing to see here. Not really.

Alright, so I've hardly taken any photos this week. I have a new schedule at work that is conducive to sleeping in and so far I am completely taking advantage of it! I have a few random photos of my week so I suppose I'll post those and get on with it. I also have some photos that I've taken with my cellphone, so those might be handy as well. The camera on my phone here is 5 mp, which is impressive to me because my phones have only ever had around 2 mp.

I have photos from the inside of Ashford Castle, but only on my cellphone. While I was in there I didn't have my Nikon with me, so I snapped as many shots with my phone as I could. I was in awe. The ceilings were so tall. The detail was so great. 

This fireplace alcove was fantastic. Two high benches, large table and seriously close proximity to the fireplace. I wonder if they ever use it?

When did mirror frames stop being so elaborate and insanely awesome? I would love something as detailed as this.

Outside one of the front windows of Rosleague Manor in Letterfrack. The wedding here was so fun, the bride and groom were incredibly happy. Some couples are happy, and then some couples are happy. It was inspiring.

Another great frame and old mirror inside of the bridal suite.

The front right side of Rosleague Manor. Inside of those windows is the dining area.

I feel like I've photographed the opposite side of that hill from Connemara National Park last September. Rosleague Manor is quite close to the National Park, so I guess that's plausible.

I've been watching this tree for the past eight and a half weeks. Its blooming has been quite enjoyable! The fluffy clouds don't hurt either.

My birthday envelope from Andrew :] Excellent handwriting and a lot of lovely words and drawings inside.

A stack of letters that I dropped into the mail box last week. Cassidy gave me a stationary pack so I could write letters. I do love colors :)

So yeah, a low key week. Things are trucking along at work. I stay after closing to work on the computers, clearing out old files and urging them to run faster. I'll be doing clean installs soon, I'm just prepping things and making sure all important items are backed up elsewhere.

There was a wasp in my room today. It was horrifying. 

I apologize for this atrocity of a blog. I'm attempting to stay on a regular blogging schedule and this week I have absolutely no subject matter.


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