Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy busy me

OK, today's entry is SUPER late in the day and for that I apologize. Truth be told (and I do try to make that as close to always as possible) I had absolutely zero content planned for today. Nothing. Not a single photo taken all week! I have been hyper busy and distracted, running around and using up far too much gasoline in the process.

Currently I sit over at Andrew's parents house in an effort to get away from my animal allergies. They're getting worse and worse, which is just horrific because I'd like to own some animals in the not too distant future. I just completed a lovely little crafting/sewing project that I've been anxious to tackle for the past two months: a candy zippered pouch! Found at this blog via Pinterest (if you'd like an invite just ask, I can give you one!).

 Supplies! Iron on vinyl, lining fabric, candy wrapper, zipper. To the right are the
two halves of the wrapper with their iron on vinyl all ironed on! I had some issues.

Unfortunately, I haven't sewn in a while and really I've never been that good at making things perfectly square and straight and all of that. So with that in mind, my finished product is a wee bit jankier than I had hoped for. However, it is fully functioning and completed and isn't that what matters in the first place?

 I've never been particularly good at sewing straight. My fabrics never ever line up!
Horrible! Fortunately, I remembered to unzip the zipper a little bit before I started
to sew. That could have been just awful.

Through the week I pondered what I could possibly take pictures of for my upcoming post. No brilliant ideas were coming to mind, and really I've spent most of my stationary time catching up with friends or neck deep in my storage unit sorting through items preparing to move in about two weeks. Yikes! Last week I mused over taking photos of Slinky, the dachshund that I have recently become acquainted with, but that idea fell through. That'll probably be in next week's blog.

It functions! Although at first the zipper kept getting caught on the fabric
(I think I sewed it too close :/) so I put a tiny stitch on the inside to hold the 
lining fabric down. Works perfectly now!

I would have liked very much to take some portraits, but right now I am completely empty for ideas. I'm tired of straightforward shots. Headshots are great to be good at, but I'd love to do something more creative. I've had a little bit of 'friending' activity on my model mayhem profile so who knows? Maybe when I'm back in California I'll be able to line up some shoots with new people and get my portfolio expanded. I could have chosen to be less lazy and shoot some of my friends, but there are times when I'd rather relax and socialize and just not focus on a camera for a while. That has been this week.

Storage unit before I start moving any boxes out.
Packed full and highly daunting to think about.

When I woke up this morning I had a stroke of brilliance, "Aha!" I said to myself, "I found my film cameras in storage and I pulled them out. I can take pictures of THEM and write about film and analogue printing!" Well, that didn't exactly come to pass. I've been on the move since 9am and I didn't get to Andrew's parents until almost 4pm where I proceeded to rest because the humidity was at 57% today, lame, and I was far too warm and uncomfortable. After that I just had to make my candy pouch because why wouldn't I want to? Now it is 7:15 and I'm still writing my blog. Horrible! Also, the cameras are in the car and darnit I don't feel like going outside.

Next week should be all about Slinky and film cameras. Andrew is very interested in film and I happen to have cameras as well as film to shoot. He's especially interested in my Holga, which I don't believe I've ever touched on here but that thing is practically the bane of my existence. I won't get into that right now. I know that our drive down to California is going to be captured digitally as well as on film, and we'll have a blast doing it and an even "better" time figuring out how to get them onto the computers. We may have to invest in a film scanner. Exciting!

These two blocks are from first grade. I would tape them together
and I thought it resembled a cat. I even drew a cat face (barely visible).
One day after play time I took the blocks with me because I liked them
so much. Another student saw and tattled on me. I got in trouble, but
for some reason I still have the blocks. Curious.

I thoroughly apologize for the short (and late!) blog today. This week my mind has been elsewhere, plain and simple. I'm going to continue to do more crafting. Even though I got a little cranky while trying to make the m&m pouch, it was ultimately very fun and rewarding.


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