Saturday, July 2, 2011



Jacki T. said...

First of all - cassidy's children are adorable!! And so photogenic! I already said that though.

Just wanted to give you feedback on one of Rachel and zach's pics - the one with the <3 is a cute concept but when I first looked at it I was confused as to whether or not they are Rachel's or zach's hands lol. Maybe if you ha a similar shot pulled back a bit to show that they're clearly his? Just a thought! :) hope that helps. Nice work all in all hehe

Jacki T. said...

Doh. Posted in wrong post. Forgive me this phone will be the death of me with the tiny links I have to navigate through -_-

You and your sister are adorable <3

MJ said...

Yeah I noticed after the fact that it's a bit unclear as to whether those are zach's hands, rachel's hands, or a combination of their hands. Grr. Just more to think about for future shoots :D

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