Thursday, November 17, 2011

At this point it's not too early.

I am ready for the full holiday swing! Some people may be displeased at those of us who simply cannot wait until after Thanksgiving to get festive, and to them I say just be glad I waited until after Halloween! There's something so wonderful about the holiday season that I am always anxious for it to begin. I love the twinkling lights, brightly colored decorations, Christmas songs and festively colored candy. I can't get enough of it! This year I don't really have any of those things. All of my decorations are actually my mom's, so with this move to California I have a big fat zero number of Christmas items! A devastating discovery, to be sure.

Fortunately, Andrew is all about making things and has supplied me with an extensive number of craft items. We are all set to deck our halls to the nines this year, we just have to get started. I've found a number of ideas via Pinterest (let me know if you'd like an invite to the site!), and my fingers are itching. Andrew has been on vacation, so our time has largely been wrapped up in Skyrim and loafing. But today I decided I was ready to dive in. Today, I made a wreath!

We visited some friends last week and they had made the cutest holiday swag for their door. I felt all riled up and decided I had to make a wreath. I really like them and I've never made one before. A few years ago my mom started buying them when we'd go get our tree, and I enjoyed that. They make the house look so gosh darn pleasant.

So in the spirit of the season, and my excitement at crafting, I present this non-scheduled entry!

::: Supplies all laid out! Empty wreath, bells and colored berry things. Also, a decent peek at my work space! Colored thread, utensil bucket and a photo of my sister and me!

::: Appreciating the simple things, like a fake wreath free of bugs and sexy elves behind me

::: Preparing the berry things for plucking and cutting

::: All finished with the red ones, time for the silver!

::: My "these wires are tough to cut!" face

::: Waiting for our beastly hot glue gun to heat up

 ::: Playing with the bow ribbon, wishing I had a cat that would do it for me

::: Legolas wanted to wear the bow, and how could I deny that sweet face?

::: Adding the bow, the finishing touch!

::: Is the glue dry yet?

::: He makes an excellent wreath holder. I may just place him on the front porch

I hope you enjoyed this spontaneous entry! I was so excited to share the photos (and finished product!) with everyone that I simply couldn't wait until next Tuesday. Plus, it looks as though Andrew and I will have a busy weekend so I'm thinking I'll have enough other things to share next week. How wonderful!  

I went ahead and tried some new things for this entry. I've been browsing around some new blogs lately and I am filled to bursting with inspiration. I'd really like my blog to be more fun, and if possible funny, but I am frequently afraid of coming across as badly goofy. If I go for intentionally goofy then I can't really mess up, can I? What do you all think? Do you like the new things? Are the new things even obvious to anyone other than me? But most importantly, have you started holiday decorating yet?!


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