Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some flowers and a beach. A lovely week.

There have been some pleasant photo taking opportunities over the past week. I have witnessed blooming plants, a beach visit and even a trip to Ikea. Wednesday afternoon saw the departure of James back to Washington, which was extremely sad. Dear Jacki leaves tonight. It has been a spectacular two weeks of friendship and memory making. I'm feeling refreshed and very excited to get back into some projects that have been on hold while they've been visiting.

Last week we were able to squeeze in a trip to Manhattan beach. James read and Jacki drew while I decided to wander about in search of seashells. I've always been a big fan of shells. In Washington there are so many beautiful oyster shells, but they're not allowed to be removed from the beach. Down here I've found an abundance of clam shells, but they're tiny! I'm used to the mammoth clams of the Pacific Northwest. Down here most of the shells I've found have been smaller than a quarter! I don't know very much about common ocean life in Southern California, but I must say I am heavily disappointed in their sea life sizes ;)

::: Jacki frolicking and making a triforce for us

 ::: Soakin' up that sun

::: My shell collection! I found a button, too!

It was quite the trip to be at the beach and be in shorts, a tank top and super warm all while remembering that it was early November. The "warm year round" thing will take a long time to get used to.

Over this past week the weather has cooled down significantly though and we've had wonderful, life giving rain. Some wind storms too! This was greatly appreciated by me, until Andrew informed me that my tall (and top heavy) plants in the garden had been knocked to the ground by the gusts. Fortunately they weren't broken and the roots remained firmly in the ground. I've had serious issue getting them to remain upright ever since though. I bought support sticks from Home Depot, but the plants are just so heavy. After trial and error and the addition of bricks, I think I finally have them good to go again.

::: Some fun detail shots of the 'Love Lies Bleeding' variety, as well as a newcomer.

::: They're taller than I am. Note my brick stacking handy work

::: If Jacki is around while my camera is out then she will have her photo taken

It really has been such a nice two weeks. This last week was amazing for some solid BFF bonding time. I was sad to see James go, and I can't believe Jacki will be back up in Washington tonight *cry* The silver lining is that they were able to visit at all and I managed to get some really fun photos of us all. Plus, I can't forget how seriously revved up I am to get kicking with some sewing, crafting and papering! The hope is that next week's entry will be boasting some completed (or nearly completed) projects!

::: Just for fun! A shot of Jacki being cold outside of the Ikea. Love you always P2!


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