Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Friends make the best photos.

Or rather, they're the best subjects of the best photos. Or the best photos are of friends. Friends make any photo better. I think you get the idea.

My camera has had excessive amounts of use over the past few days seeing as my friends Jacki and James flew in on Wednesday! Yay! We've had especially good times taking pictures at pumpkin farms, Halloween parties and Disneyland. I'm typing this up quickly before dashing off to partake in more fun activities, so I'll leave you with some of my favorite photos and moments that have cropped up so far.

::: Finding a really amazing and beautiful pumpkin patch outside of the city

::: Taking frame worthy photos with my friends

::: Imitating sad scarecrows

 ::: Reaching for one another inappropriately

::: Being super psyched to hold a pumpkin

::: Sharing a refreshing pineapple shaved ice

::: The first chance for us to show off our annual passes

::: Imitating a sassy and nonchalant pixie

:::Waiting in line for the Nightmare Before Christmas decked out Haunted Mansion

 ::: Watching the fireworks and the sunsets

::: Riding The Little Mermaid ride alone

::: Getting to date a sick and tired man while being dressed as Batman

::: Photos of Jacki and me in matching costumes for the first time ever

::: My "Your parents are dead. And you're afraid of bats" face.

 ::: Unwilling photos of James, and posing with Captain Hammer

How have you been for the past week? October has been awesome, and I'm really looking forward to a fantastic November! :)


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