Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking out for those moments.

Today I left work for an hour long break. I hoped to create some interesting rainy/cloudy photos. Bringing along Ziploc baggies to protect my SB-800 will be a good idea in the future. Seeing as there were no baggies on me today I didn't use my flash while out and about. I did, however, encounter a rather awesome cloud formation while driving and snapped a few shots while at a stoplight.

This wasn't what I set out to capture. There was more hope in me for an interesting and flash lit foreground, not a car and telephone wires. But alas, I had to be back at work to open the window by 12:30. I drove back to the school feeling sad that I didn't accomplish my goal. Although it did feel nice to have  goal in mind at all. Next time!

Seeing as I was dissatisfied with my efforts today I started to brainstorm a backup photo idea. This is what I came up with.

I'm pretty excited about this new book and I thought it might make a nice photo and a good place to display all of my favorite geekery items. Unfortunately it would appear that my D&D players handbook is at home and not with me at school, so I substituted Paranoia instead. Here's another photo that shows more of my setup. I preferred the tighter crop (above) better though.

My goal for the photos of The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade book were to create lighting that looked like window lighting. I think they look like bright, sunny environments. I should certainly practice more though!


1 comment:

Chavid said...

Those are some menacing looking clouds.

I agree with you though, I like the tighter shot better.

Keep up the awesome photos :D

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