Saturday, February 20, 2010

New frontier!

Kind of.

I've blogged before, but never in this setting. It's time for a new blogging adventure, one that pertains to my photography life.

I intend on going places and working hard in the photography world. I want to document that. So here I go.

Today was Chibi Chibi Con at school. My friend Chavid was going with friends and I decided to meet up with him and hang out. I ended up wandering around the booth area of the Con and had a pretty good time. I shot a roll of E6 while leisurely enjoying the sunshine. These are nothing magical, but I wanted to show some of what I saw today.

First off, as can be seen above, someone didn't put too much thought into making an impressive sign. Chavid and I balked and laughed out loud when we saw this and decided it would be an excellent moment for a photo.

This is Chavid. He's dressed as a character from the anime FLCL. I've never seen it, so I didn't understand the costume. Apparently this particular guy has huge eyebrows. This is my friend crying because his huge eyebrows wouldn't stay on. He's fun to have in front of the camera.

I will use these photos as a reference point to get better at scanning and editing slide film. I'm not too impressed with the images I'm posting so far! I certainly had a good time taking them though.

This fellow here was dressed as a character from the anime Cowboy Bebop. He won first place in the costume contest that was held!
I don't know these two individuals, but I'm under the impression that they're dressed as characters from Kingdom Hearts. 

They were very gracious about having their photo taken, and we started up a very brief conversation about using film versus digital. Funny enough they weren't the only ones today to comment on my film camera. It gets more attention than my digital ever does.

This young lady was advertising the sale of small fuzzy creatures that looked an awful lot like spiders made of yarn. 

They were cute enough, but we weren't interested in buying. She was happy to have her photo taken and she struck a cute pose.

I wish I had taken some photos with my digital camera today. It would have been fun to compare my personal captures with both mediums. I am proud of the initiative I took to get these online though. After finishing the roll I went down to work and processed, dried, cut, mounted and then scanned the photos! I didn't scan them at a terribly high resolution because I was in a bit of a hurry. I plan on redoing these.

The plan for my next post is to have photos that don't have such intense contrast!



Chavid said...

Great start! Looking forward to watching you photo progress, it's quite exciting I think.

For reference, Shane was Jet from Cowboy Bebop. I never played Kingdom Hearts, so I can't help out much there haha.

Jake Watson said...

I thought that guy looked familiar! I can't think of the character's name [maybe Jet?] [Wikipedia has confirmed that his name is Jet Black] but that dude definitely passes for him!

I like the photos! Chavid's photo was pretty amusing. I've only heard of FLCL [pronounced foolycooly] from Nick.

Keep it up!

Jake Watson said...

Oh! You should totally scroll the mouse over my name and look at the bottom of the screen! Love you!

MJ said...

Aww Jake you are so adorable! <3

I took his photo once I learned he was from Cowboy Bebop because I know you like that show! :]

Giant Robot Appreciation Society said...

Is there any chance we can borrow that image for the con website? ^_^;; The guy who makes the parkway signs had never heard of anime... we figure he thought we'd made a typo. It did get us a plug in a couple science classes, though!

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