Monday, February 22, 2010

To be the best there ever was.

I didn't anticipate making a new post every day, but there have been a lot of exciting/interesting photo events in my life in the last three days! This is a good thing, it means I'm excited, engaged and doing/trying new things. The more I blog the more that's happening. With that said...

Today I started my final project for my color photography class. I took along my digital camera to get some double checking done on the lighting. I also wanted some immediate gratification for myself and to show others! Fingers crossed that my rolls turned out well. I bracketed all my shots.

My biggest issue with shooting people against a white backdrop is getting the paper to be completely white, corner to corner. I did better this time than I have in previous attempts, this time including two lights pointed at the backdrop instead of one. It occurred to me after the shoot was over that I could have placed one light behind him on the ground, but instead I pointed two of them at the background from either side of the camera. I suppose this looks like it has a bit of a vignette, but I wanted it to be white corner to corner.

I was trying to get some semi-dramatic lighting while still treating the light softly. It could have been more dramatic but I'm pleased with the coverage on him. I placed one 2x6" softbox to his right, and a 3x3" to his left, concentrated on his face and torso. I'm trying to decide if I feel I should have used a rim light for his hair, but I think he stands out from the background fairly well.

I forgot to take a photo of my lighting setup. I always think about it after the fact! I should put a diagram into my iPod touch. I downloaded this great application, I believe I read about it from the Strobist website, called Strobox. I can create lighting diagrams, great for reference.

I'll close with one last photo just for kicks. I look forward to more exciting incidents to blog about!



Chavid said...

Love that last pic!

Xandre said...

that second to last photo is great! Nice Job MJ.

MJ said...

Thanks guys :) I appreciate you reading! And the feedback is invaluable!

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