Sunday, February 21, 2010

Real life application.

I've been reading Joe McNally's book, The Hot Shoe Diaries, and I've been extremely inspired!

Last night I was up learning about EV adjustments in-camera and through the SB-800 unit and how they need subtle tweaks depending on the desired effect for an image. I was getting really pumped learning about new tricks and realizing that I had all the equipment necessary to start practicing the Joe McNally way!

Today I had just such a chance to put my new knowledge into play.

After enjoying a lovely dinner with my friends Xandre and Jacki downtown Olympia, we left the restaurant and I was greeted to an amazing looking downtown setting! The sun was heading down and most of the harsh light was gone, but the street was painted with glowing evening light and it made the texture and color of the buildings really pop. I've finally gotten to a place in my photographic career where I bring my equipment with me in my car in case a photo opportunity presents itself!

I yelled out in joy about the fantastic light and grabbed my gear from my car. It was just the perfect setting. Jacki is beautiful and always camera ready, and Xandre was more than happy to be my assistant and hold the diffuser over the flash for me.

It was a really fantastic moment. I felt like a real photographer, standing downtown with my camera, my model, and my friendly assistant holding a diffuser over my SB-800 on a light stand. I was chasing the light, just like Joe McNally. I knew what I was going for, and the top photo of this post demonstrates exactly what I imagined in my head when I saw the golden light hitting those buildings.

This is a great motivation point for me to always bring my gear! I never know what photo opportunities will present themselves.



Chavid said...

It's always cool when you learn something new and then get to use that knowledge right away! I'm glad you guys had a good day :D

MJ said...

Same here!!

Kirstin said...

Mo, these photos are so lovely. The lighting and contrast between foreground and background are amazing!

MJ said...

Thank you Kirstin! I've come a long way since I've started, and it makes me very happy to know that other people notice! :)

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