Monday, April 12, 2010

The camera keeps changing. Creativity bonus as a possible result?

This is just a quick note about my camera situation.

I should have my D80 back within the next two weeks. I want it so badly I swear I can taste it, I miss my camera! In the meantime, I have been using my mom's digital point and shoot. It has been leading me well and I've been happy with the shots I've taken with it. Well, on Friday I accidentally left that camera at work! I was using it to take pictures of the party my co-workers/bosses/friends threw for me while at work. What has happened as a result? Cell phone pictures! Things just got more interesting. Here are the last four photos I've taken for my 365, all with my cell phone. It's funny how I wasn't that bothered by the situation. I was so angry about using the point and shoot, but when I realized I would have to use my cell phone camera I shrugged and thought, "I can still take good photos with this". 

These four photos certainly aren't the best that I've ever taken, I'm just proud of myself for believing my abilities and realizing that good equipment doesn't make a good photo.

A window in the bathroom of the Ballyhoo, and Irish pub in Oympia.

The view of downtown Olympia from the top of the 4th ave bridge.

The beginning trail of Gazzam Park on Bainbridge Island.

Somewhere close to Shelton during my drive from Poulsbo to Olympia.


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