Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ireland Day 78/79/80 -

Apparently I have a bit of back tracking to do.

Thursday was Arthur Guinness day. A few friends and myself purchased tickets to go to the concert at the docks and it was a very nice time. The celebration started at 5:45 so I jetted over directly after work. I met up with Estella and Roger outside of the entrance and hid my naggin in my coat in preparation.

We spent the first bit of the concert sitting at a table and chatting, which was very nice. We were far enough away from the state that we could hear the music but it wasn't so loud that we couldn't talk to one another. At 17:59 the speaker on the stage led a 'world wide' toast "To Arthur", and everyone drank a Guinness. We didn't though. I didn't actually have any on Thursday, although I meant to.

After a while we were joined by Dave and then Paul! Roger took my wrist band and let in Eoin and Caitriona too. Glad I could help! :D

Estella and I had a nice little excursion outside of the concert while in pursuit of a bathroom and more naggins. She left for London today for college (sad!), so I'm really happy that I got to spend some time with her right before she left!

The main act of the Galway Guinness celebration was David Gray. As it turns out, I am familiar with his music. I didn't realize this. He's pretty great! And very good live.

Something very exciting happened during his set: I heard a song that I have had in my head for the past six years. I had never known the name of the song or who sung it. I saw it on a movie or a tv show years ago and every so often it pops into my head accompanied by the visual from the movie/tv show and it always drove me nuts that I didn't know who it was!

I was elated. Still am, really.

Once the concert was over we wandered to McSwiggans. I believe that's how it's spelled. We unwound there for a bit and then all went our separate ways. Caitriona and I shared a cab together, that was a first! :D

As for Friday?

Well, two naggins, a concert, a bag of popcorn and 2 am later, I was not on top of my game. Friday was rough. I ate non-stop horrible food and it was delicious every time. Thinking about it now I'm a little disgusted, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

I had a pleasant surprise while I sat drooling at the computer though: Steve dropped in to say hi! He talked to me a bit out his and Caitriona's trip to North Carolina. They had just returned the day before.

We talked about Wal Mart and Target, mostly. It was fun! Sounds as though they had a great time, so that's good. In my mind I kept thinking, "North Carolina? Hm!" But they went to kayak and visit one of Steve's relatives, so they certainly had more reasons to go there than I do.

My day was pleasantly wrapped up with Geraldine and Owen! I stopped into her work to say hi and ended up sticking around until closing. Unexpected, but a good decision I think. Geraldine, her friend/co-worker Keira and myself wandered to Geraldine's place. But not before stopping for wine and McDonaghs chips!

I really wanted pizza, so I awkwardly asked if it would be awkward if I ordered pizza to her home. Geraldine looked at me like I was crazy and laughed and told me it was perfectly OK that I did that. Yay!

We watched TV and chatted and it was a very nice evening of enjoying company. As the night wore on we were visited by Roger, Eoin, Tara, Paul and Liz. I don't know Liz super well (met her a few times) but she seems nice!

I caught the 11:15 bus and then went to bed, completely neglecting the fact that I desperately needed to do laundry.

And now we are caught up to today.

Today has been fine. Very low-key.

Work was busy with walk-ins and difficult situations.

I delightedly devoured a large portion of mashed potatoes at Lynch's Cafe.

When ordering I asked the man serving the food, "Would it be possible to get two scoops of mashed potatoes?" because normally you just get two, and he smiled and said, "Anything is possible." which made me smile super huge and had me in a good mood throughout the remainder of my meal.

Sometimes I forget how powerful an impact a stranger can have. In a positive way. I am all too familiar with how negatively a stranger can impact me. I'd like to work on that.

I finally did laundry tonight, which is good because I am out of socks. I don't want to talk about it.

Most of my evening has been spent skyping with Cass and mom. I am making some serious changes in my life, my extended stay in Ireland next year is ever closer and real. It has just helped remind me that I'm going to be close with them both even though it will be hard.

I am going to get what I want because it's all worth it and I'm willing to work at it.


Oh, and apparently I'm taking some sort of photo hiatus. No photo for the past two days and I'm not going to take one tonight. No real reason, I'm just not going to.

Tomorrow, perhaps?



Anonymous said...

Is there a particular reason that you signed this one with your first name? Not sure why that struck me.

It is surprisingly fun to say "McSwiggans". If I were staying in Ireland, I'd probably be meeting people at McSwiggans more than anywhere else, exclusively for that reason.

It seems natural to take a break from photography every once in a while; even lacking photos, you still manage to create representative images with words.

I hope you enjoy your last few days (for now) in Ireland!

- John

MJ said...

I have no idea why I signed this one with my first name. I don't remember doing so. If someone had asked me if I'd done it, I would have scoffed and said, "No, I always sign 'MJ'". How strange!

The names of places here are far too much fun :)

Melanie Rowe said...

Sounds busy and eventful as you wrap things up there. I know unhealthy food tastes better when you're hung over, but you'll actually feel better faster if you try to eat more healthy choices. Grapes are great because they're nutritional and hydrating :)

I know you aren't excited to be leaving Ireland, but I'm anxious to see you.

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