Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ireland Day 77 - Sensory Assault

The biggest one being my walk from the bus to home this evening.

Wandering through the cul de sac with the overgrown street sign, it's a shortcut of sorts, shown to me by Catherine and Maisa. Sometimes the bus drivers don't stop at the park and go to Cotter's. This different way of finding home makes the most sense if that occurs.

Turning down the street, wondering to myself if the dog will show up again, I come across a black cat. "Looks like Loki." I thought idly to myself. And then I stopped. "... Looks a lot like Loki."

My eyes burned a bit at the familiarity of it, rapidly remembering that this time next week I'll be on my way to Washington. I asked myself, am I homesick? I stood surveying the animal, pondering to myself, thinking harder about the cat that it so forcibly resembled.

And I came to the conclusion that it wasn't homesickness. I don't know one word to describe what it was. I said to myself, "I don't want familiarity." I thought briefly about all of the things that will surround me soon and how familiar they're going to be.

It's not that they're bad, that's not the case at all. Never is it that simple! Never.

After recovering from the black cat incident I started to muse over the fact that Halloween is fast approaching. As though the nature surrounding me was eavesdropping on my thoughts, I was suddenly struck still, again, by the overwhelming scent of Autumn: sweet, aromatic dead leaves.

I was still for more moments then, taking in a breath so deep that it almost hurt, willing myself to overfill with it all. And then a fresh wave of how badly I want to be in Ireland for Halloween and Christmas settled itself over me.

I have been informed that Shop Street decorates rather completely during the season. Lights everywhere, I was told. Geraldine said that Brown Thomas fills its shop windows with various Christmas displays that are impressive and fun to look at. She waits until Christmas day to finally view them, opting to cover her face to block the displays up until then. I think that's really awesome. Oh, and she does this with hot chocolate in hand. Even more awesome.

Next year. Next year.

My evening was settled with dinner and then tea. That would be the last sensory assault of the day: I burned my mouth but I found tasty biscuits to go with the tea. I think that evened things out.

I started to read Eat Pray Love today. I can't resist my curiosity anymore! So far I am really enjoying it too.

Does it bother you that this is backwards? I'm feeling so lazy tonight. 
Look at how long my fingernails are, it's insane!

Oh, I suppose I did have a fourth strong sensory experience today: the sound of a brief but torrential downpour about half an hour ago. I'm really hoping for good weather tomorrow, and for a few reasons!

One being the Arthur Guinness Day festivities plus concert, as well as wanting some specific photos that require people being outside and enjoying themselves. The weather lately has not been conducive to personal success in that area. Here's hoping!


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cassidy said...

i want you to be homesick! perhaps not sick to be home, but at least miss us. miss our beings. wanting to be with us. pet loki and be visually assaulted by his butthole.

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