Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ireland Day 62 - Canals

Saw these... reed things a few weeks ago and wanted to photograph them then but didn't have my camera. This is the first time I've been past this area since that initial visit.

So I didn't walk the Prom today, but I did walk around Salthill a little bit while I attempted to find a few places. I was surprised to suddenly find myself in front of the printing place that Brad uses. I just turned around and there it was! Mission accomplished. It's a closer walk from the city center than I expected. It was really cold/rainy/windy when I embarked this afternoon, but by the time I was heading back into the center to catch the bus home I was super warm. After shedding my zip up and scarf I decided that I really wanted some caramel galaxy bars.

I kept losing my balance near the water. For a second or two I thought I may fall in, which would have been bad. The water is a little gross.

My adventures took me to where Owen works and I said hi to him and bought four of the bars. Mmmmm. Now I am stocked up.

The wind was picking up again while I was taking photos of this area.

Back at home I just finished eating a ridiculously huge plate of pasta. My eyes were a tad larger than my stomach. I'm flopped in bed watching the last season of Friends and thinking up a to-do list. I may be in town tonight? I don't know yet. Feeling pretty lazy now.


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