Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ireland Day 69 - Happy Happy!

This is my 100th post here on My Photo Life. That's kind of special.

Today has been pretty awesome. I'm in really high spirits and it feels quite nice. Last week wasn't my best week ever, dips are to be expected though. The upswing is here, my face can smile again!

Plans for my return to Ireland are almost entirely finalized. Fantastic madness! At this point what remains is saving the money and getting my visa. Those will be easy-peasy though, simply a matter of time! I feel so good. It's an indescribable feeling to know that what I want is falling into place. I'm working hard for it, I'm not saying it's all luck. Working hard enough and getting what I want in return though... just fantastic. I am so grateful.

Various types of inspirations and realizations have occurred since landing here in Ireland. They are numerous in number. I have listed/described some of them here over the past 2+ months. Right now I suppose I'll mention another one!

Everyone here keeps so busy. They all have multiple hobbies and interests in their lives. If they have downtime then they have something to do. I think it's great! I don't have enough to do to fill the space between work and sleep. If I don't have a friend to talk to or hang out with then I get a bit bored. I'd like to be more proactive with my free time and to fill my life with more things that make me happy.

So, I've been compiling a list. On the evenings when I've been sitting kind of bored here I've thought to myself, "What would I be doing in Washington?" and the answer? The exact same thing. Sitting bored, not utilizing my time. Such a shame. Back to the list! A list of things that I'm going to do for the time that I'm in Washington. I will take advantage of my time, I will not sit quiet wishing I were doing something else.

I am full of words but am sadly photographically uninspired tonight. Here is my TV remote. Forgive me.

Chief among this list? Learning to drive stick shift. I'll be putting out a call to anyone I know that owns one to see if they'll teach me. I'm horrible, so it may be difficult to find someone willing to let me use their clutch. I will buy them beer, tea or coffee. Whatever they want. Second! Learning to cook with meat. Disgusting, squidgy raw meat. This will be more difficult than the stick shift thing. Third! Finish my 40K army. I am really excited about that last one. Truly. I have wanted to finish it for over four years. There is high likelihood that I will never play again, but having a fully painted army would be immensely satisfying for me.

There are other things on that list, but those are the big three. I'm pretty excited to fill my five months with learning and personal enrichment. What will I bring back to Ireland with me? The ability to eat more than pasta and pb&j? That'd be nice. I love them, but expanding my palette... that'll be nice.

I'm going to bring my Wii with me, I know that much.

I also have a little list of things that I wish I had with me right now. I miss some of my belongings. Particularly high on the list in my jean jacket. I'm going to sleep in it when I get to Washington. Next? My colorful array of Converse. My sketchers are great for my posture and my muscles, but I miss having a colorful shoe to wear. Damn. Plus, the sketchers are so ugly. Can't handle that much more ugly on my feet. There are a handful of shirts that I especially wish I had here. I know what to make sure to pack next time!

My afternoon was super awesome. I spent a good chunk of the day with Owen and Geraldine! They are the absolute best. Lunch was had, walking happened, and a fabulous evening of simply chatting. Social interaction. Owen left to play soccer, so Geraldine and I settled in to conversation. We talked about St. Patrick's Day and how pumped I am to be in Ireland for it next year. It's going to be great! We also talked at length about shoes. Did you know that Crocs come in more than one style? I am intrigued. This is frightening. She had to leave around 7:30, and I realized the next bus wouldn't roll by until around 8:20/8:30. I got all sad and she told me I could stick around their place and watch TV until I had to leave for the bus. So nice of her! It was windy and potentially rainy outside so I was extremely grateful. I watched part of Independence Day and called my mom to tell her about my fabulous day.

I'd like to add that I actually enjoy watching X Factor and, even worse, the Jedward reality show. What is going on?!


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Melanie Rowe said...

I can help with the handling and cooking of raw meat!

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