Friday, September 17, 2010

Ireland Day 72 - The Prom at Night

Today was uneventful. The sun was out, and that was nice. I ate at McDonaghs (oh gosh I forgot how it's spelled) and I liked their chips better than the first time.

I have this shot two different ways; one with the woman and one without. I feel like her presence lends more context and familiarity.

My biggest issue is that their chicken is super delicious but it's all on the bone and it's all over the plate and I'm hacking away at it in the crowded restaurant and bits of bone and skin and meat are flying onto the table and I get really self-conscious because I don't know how to eat chicken and then I get up and leave even though there's still meat on the bone but I'm too embarrassed and exhausted from trying and I'm full on chips anyway so I figure it's a wash.

To make myself feel better after the whole ordeal I bought another Snapple Apple =3

Fairly 'meh' shot, my favorite part is the very reflective sliver near the bottom.

My sights were set on going out this evening since I have tomorrow off (woo!), but that didn't happen. I pondered over how I would spend my Friday night when I remembered that I can always spend some time with Miriam! She live across the street from Steve and frequently hosts interns. She's very nice and I have severely underutilized her presence since I've been in Ireland.

We ended up going and getting dinner and then walking the Prom! We went to Supermacs because she was feeling like a quick meal. First time I've had it since my arrival, it was OK. She doesn't usually eat fast food and she was unimpressed with her sandwich and near the end of the meal a bug landed in her ketchup. It was hilarious.

Black Rock on the Prom. My favorite shot from the evening.

Our walk on the Prom was so so so great. It was a beautiful evening with a wonderful sunset and the tide was out. The moon was peaking through the small puffs of clouds and the light reflections on the ocean were plentiful.

Fortunately, she told me we'd go to the Prom before we left the house so I had my camera with me!

A very satisfying photo taking session did follow.

Looking down the Prom from Black Rock.

Salthill and the Prom: I love you.


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