Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ireland Day 56 - Too Much Food

Technically this is day 52 in Ireland, seeing as I spent four in Paris, but this is 56 days total that I've been abroad, so I'm just going to go with it.

I didn't take any photos today. I'm probably going to snap one with my webcam. I am in bed with my pajamas on (not even 9:30) and I am not getting up again. I am sleepy and full. So, so very full. Smaller meals would be a good idea. Perhaps I felt so hungry because food was such an epic adventure while in Paris. I just stuffed my face today. Bleaaaaaaaagh.

Not a lot happened. I attempted to make plans with a few people this evening, but they were all busy! So then I decided to watch Amelie, but then I got wrapped up in making/eating dinner and now I'm tired so I'll just go to sleep soon. Sounds kinda lame but I feel fairly fulfilled so I'm calling this a good day!

That's my leg going under the covers.

Work swept me up into it right away! There was a lot to do this morning. Rushrushrush and lots of orders to make! It's nice to be busy :) I keep seeing all of these "staff needed" signs around Galway. Makes me feel itchy and anxious about coming back next year. I'll be able to get a job anywhere that'll hire me, so long as places are hiring. Staying with photography would be ideal, of course, but I will take anything (and I kind of have to if I want to stay for a year, which I do!).

The weather welcomed me today like it did yesterday. Lunch was made all the more enjoyable for me as I sat next to a window and soaked up the rays. I spent time at the Spanish Arch after work, again sitting and soaking up rays. Everything smelled so wonderful outside. I could have sat there for much longer had the clouds not rolled in. Weather has to change sometimes :) I considered walking The Prom but I'm glad I didn't. I'll do it tomorrow instead.

After buying this messenger back a few weeks ago I really thought it'd help facilitate taking more pictures because I could bring my camera around with me without lugging my backpack as well. Laziness has prevailed in me because I take my camera everyday and yet... no photos. At this point I am happy to simply be in and around Galway, admiring buildings and familiar places. They are becoming fabulously commonplace (and I mean that in a very good way) and as a result I am not as compelled to bust out my camera for every single situation. I have some days off coming up soon, I'm hoping to make plans to go somewhere for a photography adventure. We will see!

On my walk to the bus stop this morning I thought again about the fact that today is September 1st. I smiled while thinking about Harry Potter and company getting ready to get on the Hogwarts Express. "The train leaves at exactly eleven o'clock, we've missed it!" is what I heard in my head as I strolled and I smiled to myself.


11:18 am: photo one: back to the studio, happy September!

2:05 pm: walking: I think I'll have a burger for lunch.

5:54 pm: Spanish Arch: this crow has a white face.

6:30 pm: bus stop: that old dude just peed next to a tree. What the heck.

9:14 pm: in bed: I ate such huge meals for lunch and dinner. I am rolling in bed like a beached whale. I should walk home tomorrow.


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Melanie Rowe said...

It's nice to go to sleep on a full tummy :)

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