Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paris Day 4 - Leaving

It would be nice to have a more... enthusiastic title than that, but that's pretty much what today was all about. It might be a good idea to spend some more time in Paris with familiar company before writing the city off completely, as of now I'm not too keen on it though. The South of France seems more like my type of place, really. Someday I'll go there and find out.

Once I met nice people in the hostel my trip improved immensely. I wasn't able to really enjoy the city on my own though. Paris' fault, or my own inexperience as a traveler? More experimentation is needed. I wasn't really "feeling" it when I was alone, that's the bottom line. Today I exchanged pleasant good-byes with my new world friends and then took a walk around the neighborhood with my video camera. I didn't take it out at all during the Amelie thing, which is unfortunate. I walked to the Cafe des deux Moulins to make up for it. I didn't take very many photos today either, I was mostly concentrating on getting to the airport. I tell you, it was more difficult getting back.

I got lost more than once in the city, and the train stations and the airport itself. I was so happy when I found an information center and someone that could tell me where to go that I almost cried with relief. Initially I didn't plan on leaving for the airport so soon, but as things usually go with my life (and I'm not complaining here), the phrase "Things happen for a reason" kept blaring in my head as I got lost, confused and frustrated at every turn. I would have been in full tilt panic mode if I had left at my planned time.

As a result of leaving early I was able to relax in the airport and read, and that was nice. Neither of my return flights were full. The Dublin to Galway connection had maybe 20 people on the plane, possibly less. It was weird! I've never been on such an empty flight.

Pretty! I think so, anyway.

I stood smiling and blinking into the sun while I waited for a taxi outside of the Galway airport. My driver was really nice and talkative and I engaged in the conversation hungrily, far happier than I should have been to be with an English speaker. Not being able to read the signs or talk to strangers for help while I was lost earlier in the day had a really weird effect on me. I feel better now though.

I used the public computer at the hostel because my laptop was dead and this greeted me. It made me laugh and I wanted to share.

Today has been largely uneventful other than my travels back to Ireland. I'm really happy to be back! I am doing laundry and I should make something to eat soon. Tomorrow I hop back into the studio and routine will return to me.

My train ride as seen by my brain.

Can you believe that tomorrow is September 1st? I should have a Harry Potter party after work.


9:20 am: hostel: this guy kind of looks like Keanu Reeves, only not stupid.

11:27 am: train station: finally met a Parisian who was utterly displeased that I was speaking English. Her face actually fell and she said, "Oh... hello"

11:41 am: Gare du Nord: Eff this station, seriously. I am ready to get out of here. (throes of being lost)

11:56 am: RER B train: the guy next to me has Totoro keychains on his bag.

12:46 pm: CDG airport: brain has shut off to prevent further stress and can't do simple things now

6:19 pm: airplane to Galway: after the intense stress of CDG the Dublin airport was pleasantly familiar

7:15 pm: outside Galway airport: I feel so good right now.


I just realized I forgot to post the picture of my World friends.

There it is!

Joe (LA), Michael (England), Elise (Seattle), Michelle (Zimbabwe), Tawanda (Zimbabwe) and Leigh (Australia).



Cass said...

oh, miranda! i'm so happy you had such a great time in paris. your pictures made me swell with excitement and pride! look what you're doing :D i'm just so happy for you right now. what an incredible journey.

it's wild that you were rooming with someone from seattle! my mouth fell open when i read that. how crazy. i think it's so neat you're making friends with people all around the world. wow!

i'm anxious to get my new post cards :)

i miss you.

MJ said...

They will be to you soon! I recorded myself putting them in the mailbox xD

So long as I had someone around to wander the streets with I was having a grand time! It was quite the experience.

MJ said...
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