Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ireland Day 36 - Harry Potter

Harry Potter didn't take up too much of the day, but it was definitely a highlight!

Work had some steady moments, slow ones as well. This funny tidbit happened though! The phone rang so I answered it as per policy: stating the name of the company and then who is speaking (that'd be me). The person on the other line says "Is this the greyhound station?" and I say, "No, this is (name of company)" and he says, "Oh wrong number sorry!" I laughed and said it was fine. It's silly how people don't quite listen when they're on the phone! :D

Tomorrow I get to sleep in. I am greatly looking forward to it. The only real item on my agenda is get to the post office and pick up the package that Cassidy sent! It arrived last week, but no one was home to receive it. It has been held hostage outside of town ever since. Tomorrow though, tomorrow I will finally have it!

My evening mainly consisted of watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with Dave. He is also a big Harry Potter fan and has not seen the sixth movie since it was in theatres. Shame on him. Since I'm so awesome I have it on my laptop and offered it up for viewing. I'm such a good friend.

Halfway through I became very hungry so he suggested a visit to Joyce's. While there he taught me how to shop. Apparently I'm a grocery noob. I came away with some soft bread and a to-ma-to. It really spruced up my turkey and cheese. Apparently it's strange that I ate a sandwich for dinner. So much to learn!

Now, I am tired. I managed to make Friends work (finally) and now I'm pretty sure I'll never stop watching it again. Goodnight!



[Pseudonym] said...

I've found that I've begun to like tomato and lettuce on my sandwiches and burgers. Our "grown up" tastes are finally kicking in!

Melanie Rowe said...

I think every single phone number that was assigned to my new office by the phone company belonged previously to someone who didn't pay their bills, because I get calls all day long from collection agencies who don't notice that they're calling a business when I answer the phone!

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