Monday, August 23, 2010

Ireland Day 47 - Nap Time

I napped a bit today, as the title suggests. Sort of in and out of random blips of sleep for about an hour and a half. I had friends playing on my computer, that's the only gauge I have to prove that I actually fell into sleep at times. 8D

I was also able to sleep until 10 this morning, that was nice. I felt perfectly rested once I finally decided to get up and moving. Again the weather decided to rock both worlds, so I had simultaneous sun and rain. The rain comes so suddenly it's startling: I look out the window and see sunshine and puffy clouds and then there are splats all over the window. It goes pretty fast too. I feel like I've seen five days pass by over the last two and a half hours because of how rapidly the sky is changing. It's pretty neat, but a little disorienting considering the fact that I was napping.

This morning didn't see any eggs for breakfast. I decided to go with a regular bowl of cereal. It was a lot of cereal in the bowl though so we're good. I may make some eggs for dinner, not sure yet. I had a lot of pasta for lunch (delicious) and I don't know that I want to make a burger for tonight. It's kind of my last option for food though because I really need to go to the grocery store. I ran out of jam yesterday D:

This is my pocket knife. Thus far I have only used it to open the vacuum sealed bags that contained home made cookies from Cassidy! :D

Miriam took me to the immigration office early in the afternoon. Unfortunately, they are very strict about their hours. Even though we got there at 1:20 and waited and waited, by the time someone was free at 2:07 they told us they were closed at 2 and we had to come back tomorrow. I mean, it would have been nice if someone could have told us that waiting wouldn't do any good. Ah well, nothing we can do about it now. I don't get the option of sleeping in tomorrow now because we're going to head to the office at 8. Good thing I was able to sleep in today!

After our fruitless excursion in Liosban we went to the city center. She had a few errands to run so she set me loose into the city. I decided to just catch the bus home because I had nothing to take care of. I was feeling pretty lazy and I just wanted to head home. I walked down Merchant street, I think it was, to look at the open hours for a second hand store called The Curiosity Shop (the name made me laugh). I need a small roller luggage to take with me to Paris as well as to put things in for when I return to the States. Miriam suggested they might have used luggage because they're just a general store for second hand items. Their open hours are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. No luck for me! Tomorrow I'll be going to Dunnes and the luggage store in Eyre Square Center and hopefully I will find something inexpensive to fit my needs.

I can't get enough of the evening light that comes in onto my windowsill.

I wore another new shirt today. I think it's pretty. It's really more of an autumn shirt with its long sleeves and cream color. Of course the sun was just bursting while in the car so I was too warm. I know if I had worn a short sleeve shirt I would have been cold though. Ireland I love you! Oh, so somehow one of my shirts got ruined in the wash. I'm super confused because it looks as though it has some splotches where it was hit by bleach because the color is light/faded. That doesn't make sense though because I haven't encountered any bleach since I've been here, and I certainly don't remember it having those splotches when it went into the wash. None of my other articles of clothing have any marks on them. BAFFLING.

I kind of want to run around outside but I also want to sit here watching Friends and typing. I was playing some chess on my computer earlier. I lost 4 games in about half an hour. I made some ridiculously bad moves too, like allowing my queen to be captured by a pawn. Just embarrassing. I suppose if I keep playing eventually I'll learn to not let things like that happen. I was doing alright on the last game, really scouting out the board and not placing pieces in immediate (and dumb) danger, but I could only keep it up for so long. My brain needs exercising! Chess is a nice way to do that.

Look at the weather here!



Anonymous said...

What a colorful and enjoyable post!

Based on what you've experienced, it sounds like an Irish invitation might read something like, "please, come out and join us at the park for 2-6 mini picnics, depending upon the weather." Which is neat, I suppose. I imagine the sky in Ireland as a time-lapsed version of what I remember from Poulsbo.

It's surprising to see a pocket knife that's only cut through plastic looking so distinguished and grizzled. Very cool picture.

- John

MJ said...

It is quite like the weather in Poulsbo, just intensified! And yeah I'm really not sure why it looks so very used! haha

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