Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ireland Day 46 - I Tried To Sleep In

The bus ride home was very special today. I was nearly knocked down by a group of teenagers while I attempted to get on the bus. Then for the whole ride I had a crazy woman talking to herself to my right, and a woman who knew nothing about personal space on my left. I'm really glad I've started bringing my headphones to work with me! In these situations it's very difficult for me to not start laughing.

I just made some hot chocolate for myself. My cocoa/water/milk ratio is getting a lot better! So tasty. I mean, not as amazing as Butler's but it's certainly passable for an at-home cocoa. I love having access to all of these Aero chocolate products! Mmmmm.

My 365 for today.

Since the studio doesn't open until noon on Sundays, I had a grand plan to sleep in and have a relaxing morning. The relaxing part happened, but the sleeping in did not. I woke up at 7:30 (my plan was 9:30) and was absolutely wide awake. I also went to bed a bit earlier than usual last night, but still! So I loafed. I am ever so good at loafing. I took my clothes out of the washer and hung them, as well as doing my dishes from dinner last night. I sorted out my new music (thanks Andrew!) and put it on my iPod. I even had time to make myself some eggs for breakfast and pack a lunch. Gosh if only I were this productive every morning.

Today I wore one of my new shirts as well. I really like it! It's kind of silly because it's a plaid button up that looks a lot like one I wore all the time in junior high. The one from junior high was flannel though. This is just.. I dunno, cotton? Anyway, it's a good shirt.

Tomorrow I should be going to immigration with Miriam to get my passport re-stamped. I haven't heard back from her today so there's a chance it won't happen. I hope it will though, I just need to get it taken care of! The rest of the day is wide open, as is Tuesday. Fingers crossed that the weather does something at least moderately nice so I get out of the house. I have two new shirts to wear for my days off too =3 I JUST DRIBBLED HOT CHOCOLATE ON MY NEW SHIRT. Good thing it's dark colors :\

I'm not sure what I'll be doing for my photo this evening. Perhaps something with my headphones again? I wish I had a stereo too.. that would make it more interesting. I'll see what I can do. I spent some time today looking at photography forums and I saw some really great "at home" lighting setups. I'm feeling mildly inspired.

Here are "out takes" from my headphone shoot:


10:56 am: home: I am in high spirits today!

4:53 pm: photo one: pinched the hell out of my finger on the handle of the broom!!

5:12 pm: bus stop: I am appreciative of the nice weather.

6:05 pm: outside Cotter's: There's a Lost Cat poster, a white one named Albus. He's deaf and his owners miss him very much.


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Andrew Jennings said...

Hooray for music! Lovin' the headphone pics too!

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