Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ireland Day 50 - I Can't Think of Anything

It's true. There's not quite a title for this entry. But 50 days, wow! That doesn't seem real at all. Today it is hot outside, a very welcome change. Of course I haven't been able to enjoy very much of it. I was running around in the studio all day! At 5 I got to go outside and assist Brad on a shoot, yay! I squinted into the sun while holding a reflector like a good assistant should. It was fun. People are hilarious when they see photography in action. Lots of gawking and wonderment. We were shooting at the top of Shop Street so it was very busy. The photos have a great mood to them. Learning.

In the morning.

My bus ride home was ridiculous. I've started hopping on at the Spanish Arch stop which makes for an extremely crowded bus. I am forced to stand next to the driver which makes things more interesting. Allows me to use my leg muscles to stabilize myself too, so it's not just a freak show it is also an exercise regime.

Today's show starred a boy about 8 years old who was talking the driver's ear off. He was going on about garda and prison and Australia and how you have to keep your eye on Canada because they're sneaky. Then he started in about his sister being lonely and having a bad boyfriend. I believe the highlight was when he said, "What the hell's his name again?" and then something about, "kick the shit out of him" and he, "taught myself karate. I'm going to teach some other guys too". Things got a bit weird when I'm pretty sure I heard him say, "If he touches me again he'll be in jail". Not sure what was going on there.

Now I'm very warm and I'm about to get in the shower. It's a rare day when I take two. Today just has had a lot going on so far. I am excited because I'm going to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tonight! Everyone I know keeps saying such great things and to my delight it's in theatres here. People better not be wrong! I guess I'll let you know what I think.


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