Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ireland Day 31 - Challenges!

I woke up this morning from my nine hour fever sleep and still felt awful. Ireland has some hyper germs or something! I dragged myself around the house getting ready, all the while cursing my cold! Almost missed the bus this morning too. I swear, I'll leave on time and wait for 7 minutes for the bus to show up. But if I leave just one minute late? You can bet that bus is going to show up right on time. I've taken to wearing my headphones on the bus ride. I think it helps.

There were a lot of phone calls to be made at work today. Customer service is very important to Brad, which is understandable! I think I called 7 people back today for follow ups! Phew! There were also two shoot bookings, but one cancelled. The late afternoon one showed up and that was quite the experience. I knew that, since my first shoot went so well, one of my very next shoots would be a challenge. It's a good thing Catherine was there to help me out, we managed to get some very nice images out of it all :)

She also let me take a long lunch break so I could relax and recoup. By the time I left for lunch I had already gone to the pharmacy and said "The box says don't take neurofen for more than 3 days, what else can you give me?!" (I think it's worth noting that I've been using the work computer enough now that when I went to use the quotation mark, I used the 2 key instead of the ' key. They're reversed on the keyboards here!). I left with some medicine that included night time doses for sleep aiding! The day pill sorted me out, although I still feel as though I have cotton in my ears.

I used my long lunch break to visit Geraldine! It was nice to chat in a low-key environment. She's so nice :) I also ate mashed potatoes and potato/chive soup for lunch. Potato overload! It was awesome.

After work I enjoyed another low-key evening with a bunch of the guys that I've made friends with! I also played Fifa on the 360! I am not good at it. Dinner was a huge slice of pizza that was very delicious. I want some more. Oh, I called my mom while waiting for the bus, that was really really nice!

And now, I sleep. Glad the studio opens at noon on Sundays! I get a few extra hours :)



Cass said...

i'm surprised the studio is open at all on sundays. i've heard, in europe, most is closed on sundays. thank goodness you get a few extra hours of sleep nonetheless. also, glad you were able to talk to mom. i'm sure it was a much needed conversation.

can't wait for more pictures and point by point lists of your days once you're feeling better.

with that said, feel better!

MJ said...

Yeah, I'll be happy when I think about making lists and going out to take photos as well -_- This cold seriously took me down.

A lot of places here are open on Sunday. Perhaps The Republic of Ireland just wants to do its own thing haha! And yeah, it was really nice to talk to mom.

Melanie Rowe said...

I'm glad we got to talk. It made me feel better about everything :)

MJ said...

I'm happy to hear that mom, I didn't mean to make you worry!

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